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Five Important Facts about the New Kenyan e-Visa

Five Important Facts about the New Kenyan e-Visa

Apart from saving visitors time and resources that could have gone to visiting High Commissions for visa application, the launch of the e-Visa in Kenya will definitely is definitely a positive leap in ICT adoption for our public services. Maybe, it could even save the economy a few millions in, terms of Human Resource support in foreign consulates! And while this may not sound very pleasant to those on the other side of the radar, stakeholders agree this is a positive step in restructuring our tourism industry. Here are five facts you need to keep in mind on the subject as covered by


From 1st of July (2015), anyone seeking a visa to Kenya must apply online on the government portal The visitor shall then upload their passport size photo and get issued with a print out of their application complete with an e-Visa application number. This printed document should be presented to the immigration officers at the point of entry into the country for authorization and stamping. However, visitors can still enjoy the grace period of up to September 1st (2015) that will still allow the processing of manual visa at the point of entry or prior to arrival.


At the point of application, visitors must have their specified and acceptable passport for visa application (dressing, image size and resolution); scan and attach a copy of the biodata page of the passport (page with identity information and photo), copies of relevant additional information as per specific requirements and access to any acceptable card payment option since the system will be cashless.

Your Visa:

It’s important that you know what type of visa you are seeking for as applying for the wrong visa could be the sole cause of its rejection. If you are not clear on what you need, take time and read the visa regulations as well as consult anyone with dependable know-how like a travel agent, your Trip Advisor, and friends who may have travelled before. currently the portal offers entries for single journey and transit visa with provisions for diplomatic, courtesy and East Africa Tourism Visa still pending (marked on site as ‘coming soon’)


That depends largely on the type of visa in question, the new e-Visa regulations have not changed anything. Normally, a tourist visa is valid for 3 months; a transit visa is valid for 3 days; while a normal (single journey) visa can last up to six months, the East Africa visa takes the same period. However, this regulations can be altered to suit particular needs on authorization from the immigration department but with the exception of the tourist visa. One must however travel within 90 days from the date of the visa approval.

Who Needs a Visa?

Depending on your country of origin you may or not require a visa to gain entry into Kenya, although you’ll be required to fulfill all other requirements like vaccination, host approval etc. Residents of some countries are also not allowed to apply online for e-Visa and must present a referred visa. Find detailed information here: or contact customer care at

In my view this is phenomenal in many ways: One for the first time the government will have an overview of all persons from visa nationals planning to come to Kenya! This is great if you think security….in any case this is the trend globally! Secondly, the cost of procuring the visa stickers will no longer exist meaning that the government will make quite substantial savings and obviously generate much more money from Forex. The visa system will be cashless process meaning that the chances of pilferage of government money is Zero…assuming online fraud is taken care of. In fact the temptation is no longer there even for officers

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