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Game Remasters and Remakes


The past few years have been exciting times for gaming. They could be viewed as the times of remasters and remakes considering the number of games that have received a new coat of paint than in previous years. Technology has evolved significantly over the years. Many of the older video games no longer work on modern machines or require a great deal of tweaking using 3rd party methods. Remasters and remakes are not new concepts, and the past few years have been full of them.

About Remasters

Remastering involves enhancing the quality of the game’s original version so that the core gameplay remains the same. Still, the graphics are elevated to more modern standards to run smoothly on modern hardware. A great example of a remaster done right is the original Starcraft. The core gameplay remains unchanged; however, the models have been updated with HD graphics, and widescreen support has also been added. Another great example is Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition. Same as the Starcraft remaster, every model has been elevated with HD graphics, adding widescreen support and updating the UI to fit the new aspect ratio.

About Remakes

On the other hand, remakes involve taking the original concept and reinterpreting it in a different way, but the core aspect stays close to the original version. In more basic terms, it refers to an entire game overhaul. Great examples of this would be Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes. Many aspects of the game are being changed in a remake, but it is done in such a way that it remains somewhat connected to the original game design. Another example is the Final Fantasy 7 remake. The graphics have been completely redone, and the gameplay and managed to retell the classic story in a new light. A game remake concept is to update an older game, in many cases, popular classics, and present them to a new audience and a modern platform.

Bringing In a New Audience

For gamers, nostalgia plays a significant role. The possibility of replaying old classics with a fresh coat of paint is exciting, the reason why remakes and remasters are so popular nowadays. Differentiating between what is considered a remaster and a remake can sometimes be confusing for some people; therefore, it is essential to know what makes them different from each other to adjust their expectations. This trend can also be found in online casino platforms, with games such as the classic Book of Ra and the classic slot game remade several times due to their popularity. The remake is known as the Book of Ra Deluxe, but the older version is still possible to play.

Remasters and remakes play a significant role in gaming. It has the potential to reinvigorate classic titles and bring in a new and modern audience to experience them. Some of the most popular titles that have received a remaster or remake are Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil, Starcraft, Warcraft 3, Bioshock, Age of Empires, Call of Duty, and so on.

Why are Remasters and Remakes of games are a good idea? 

Since the invention of the console, studios have been tweaking, refining, and upgrading their games for new platforms. Still, it wasn’t until midway through the last generation that they started being packaged as “HD remasters” that trend almost solidified into a kind of their own. It is for the best. Imagine you love a game, but it is not updated for the current times. Would you play it? The answer is no in several cases. With Remasters and Remakes, everyone is happy, and the audience can play a game made ten years ago with the current graphics and specs.

For example, what if GTA, one of the most popular games on the market, was not upgraded and remastered several times? Both studios and the audience lose in this case. You would not have the opportunity to play this fantastic game in the current times. There’s always new technology to help old games stay alive.

Last thoughts

A growing pillar of the video game industry is nostalgia, which is most evident in the remake and remaster games industry. If you missed a classic game at the time of its original release, you have the opportunity to play it nowadays.

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