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hello sms: Simple, Neat and Beautiful Messaging App for Android Devices

by Fahad Saleem

There are tons of SMS replacement apps on Android, but a new app has revealed itself that might make some people turn their heads. hello sms has a simple and minimal user interface. It sends text messages and photos just like any other app, but makes it one of the best is that it does these tasks quickly and with ease. You won’t experience the glitches, horrible transitions and frequent crashes that the other SMS replacement apps unfortunately go through. The app features a great tab-based user interface (first of its kind) that will give the user the opportunity to easily and quickly jump between conversations and send their messages and photos as quickly as they can.

 hello sms - 2 hello sms - 1

 The design of the app is simple, but it’s simple at its best. There are no extra useless features, like other SMS replacement apps, and the result of that gives the user a truly professional and comfortable messaging experience. When the app is launched, the main conversation lists  are shown with photos and names of the contacts. To see a conversation, you just tap the contact and the conversation is visible. Transition between contacts and conversation is smooth and quick. Swiping right and left will make you switch between open conversations. To create a new message, tap the + button. Not only can you send texts by hello sms, but you can also send pictures by tapping the camera icon next to the text box. You can choose a picture from your camera roll or take one on the spot. The setting screen on hello sms doesn’t give you a lot of options, but there are the basic ones such as: in-app sounds, notification sounds, vibration feedback and wake up screen reaction when new message is received.

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hello sms is wonderful option for those who need a simple, neat and quick SMS app. Most SMS replacement apps are clunky and overloaded with unnecessary features, and that makes the app run slow. With hello sms, text messages and photo will be delivered in great speed. Carrying conversations with multiple people at the same time will not make the app slow or cause it to crash. On top of that, it’s free too! Make it your default messaging app and see the difference it will make and how much better it’s going to be than your current default messaging app.

Download hello sms 

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