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Here’s the full list of Go apps Google launched: Gmail Go, YouTube Go, etc

by Felix Omondi
google go

Late 2017, Google released Android Go designed from the ground up to run smoothly on low-tier hardware mostly found in emerging markets. It is a holistic system comprising of the Android Oreo alongside a revamped Play Store.

With the release of Android Go, Google also released a slimmed down version of its mobile apps also designed on running low-tier hardware. The apps and the Go mobile OS have been designed to run smoothly on devices with low storage and RAM.

The apps and the OS are also designed to be mobile data friendly, helping you browse more for less. Below is a list of the Google-developed Go apps that we know of so far:

Files Go

Google Go

Gmail Go

YouTube Go

Google Assistant Go

Google Maps Go

Google Play Store



Some of the feature you get on the Go apps

Let us start with YouTube Go, a slimmed down version of the YouTube app that lets you download videos off the video-sharing social network platform. You not only get to view these videos offline, but you can also share with other devices via Bluetooth.

Files Go is a file managing app that gives you a “smart recommendations” allowing you free up space on your device storage. You can also use this app to transfer files from one device to the other wirelessly and without using mobile data.

Google Assistant Go brings (for the first time) bring the Google digital assistant to devices running on 1GB RAM devices. Google Go is also a slimmed down version of Google Search Lite introduced earlier in 2017.

While Gboard and Chrome don’t have a ‘Go’ suffix, the apps have nonetheless been redesigned with options of saving mobile data while in use. Previously, running some of these powerful Google apps on low-tier devices was a headache. If you have such a device, you can opt for the Go-version that run better on low-end devices.

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