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Here’s what the rumor mills are churning about iOS 13; dark mode and new iPad home screen

by Felix Omondi
iOS 13

We are drawing towards that time of the year again when Apple releases the next version of its mobile devices operating system. Set to be released in June at the WWDC, iOS 13 has already got the rumor millers busy extrapolating and even conjuring up features out of thin air. The following are some of these features our ears here at innov8tiv have gotten wind of.

Dark Mode

The world seems heads over heels with the Dark Mode. Virtually all applications, on both desktop and mobile, are churning out dark mode feature, and the trend has caught on with the operating system.

Microsoft has it on Windows 10, and Apple also fitted the macOS Mojave with it. It appears it is now time Apple brought the feature onto its mobile platform, in the iOS 13. It is also a fact, dark mode remains one of the most requested features by Apple fans across various online platforms. The dark mode comes with darker wallpaper and dark backgrounds having light texts; but only in supported apps not all.

Better CarPlay experience

There are also rumors that iOS 13 will roll out with an improved CarPlay experience; though no one is quite sure of what exactly that means. My guess would be a better syncing between your iPhone and car sound system and navigation.

Special upgrades for iPad

iOS 13 will come with new features dedicated to the iPads. These features include a new home screen, improved file management, and the ability to tap through many versions of a single app such as pages on a web browser.

Currently, the iPad has a home screen similar to that of an iPhone. Something that comes as a total waste of screen real estate on something like the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. iOS 13 is said to have a new home screen dedicated to the large screen iPad devices.

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