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HomeSlice Beta is A Social Network for you and your Roommates

by Fahad Saleem

HomeSlice Beta is A Social Network for you and your Roommates

Not many people care much about their roommates. They’re just people who live with them, and most of the times they aren’t best of friends. But lack of communication between roommates can lead to serious problems such as chores not being done, bills not paid on time, running out of toilet paper and more. HomeSlice is an app that aims to solve this problem. It’s basically a social network only for you and your roommate and lets you easily manage and handle the tasks that arise in renting a home or apartment with a roommate.

Key features in this app include a whiteboard, where people can easily post any messages or notes. A bills section allows the roommates to manage who is paying which bill, which bills have already been paid and so on. There’s also a grocery list section which is great so that the home is always loaded with food and utilities. The items in each category can be simply managed by swiping a finger. The interface is easy to use and has an attractive. Also keep in mind that this is the beta version, so expect the full version to have many more features and upgrades. Even if people in your home have different phones, the app supports both Android and Apple devices.

homeslice 2

This app is sort of the first of its kind. Obviously numerous social networks already exist, but this one is more of a home social network. Stay connected with the people who help you run the place you’re staying in. It will definitely help roommates, and especially homes which have more than 2, because it’s not easy to manage chores and tasks between groups of people through text messages. So if you live in a place with roommates, give this app a go. Download it from Google Play.



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