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How HRs Should Select Their Project Management Software


Being an HR is tricky

Many are under an impression that being an HR means choosing the people and keeping them happy. On the contrary, being an HR has a much bigger meaning. Out of the departments, perhaps HRs have the most fragile and crucial responsibilities.

They are expected to build a dream team. The kind of team that becomes the backbone of the organization, taking it towards success. Building this team is no joke. Finding out the right fit for the organization out of the gigantic pool of applications is time and effort consuming.

Once they hire new employees, they are responsible for offering the onboarding training such that these employees quickly become capable of performing at work.

HRs are also considered responsible for ensuring that the growth of employees is taken into consideration and to increase the retention rate of employees. After all, hiring a new candidate is an expensive procedure.

To share the burden, there are now several tools that are available out of which one is a project management software.

In this article, you can read about how HRs should select their project management software so that it works in their favor.

Check for the needed features

There are a plethora of features that a project management software has to offer. The more and advanced the features are, the more that tool will cost.

You should understand that you will not be using all those features that you are being provided. Thus, this is the time where you identify and analyze your needs. And how do you do it? By simply making your list of requirements.

Check through the HR tasks that you are supposed to carry out. Hiring, onboarding, training, and more. Now, think of the features that you need to help you automate a few of each task. Then, make a list and compare the list with the project management tool that you choose. Both should match to some extent, even if not completely.

Set a budget

Price or cost or budget is perhaps the singular most important deciding factor. Not every organization is too sold on the idea of more expenses.

Thus, you should always learn about how much resources you actually have to spend on your project management tool.

Since there is no dearth of these tools, you will find that such tools are available in every budget, it can be as cheap as you want and as expensive as you want. A majority of these tools also come with the scalability option. This just means that you scale up as and when your company expands.

Go through the reviews

Reviews are often shared by first-hand users. What better way to understand the reality of the tool than going through a few project management software reviews?

These reviews often help you understand how easy it is to use a particular software or how the customer support post-purchase services are.

Post-purchase support is one of the most crucial aspects to check out when buying a project management software for HRs. This is because you need someone who will not take their sweet time to get back to you in case of any technical issues. Otherwise, your work can certainly get hampered.

Search for implementation barriers

You should not just buy any software blindly. You have your features, you have your budget, but how about any barriers that will stop you from implementing the tool?

Make sure you search for the skill in your organization. First and foremost comes talent. If your HRs are not tech-savvy, buying an expensive tool would perhaps be a poor decision.

Similarly, you should look for any of such implementation barriers that can lead to a delay in your work.

Do a test drive

There are plenty of free versions that are available in the market. Most of these can also be updated or you can purchase add-ons later when needed.

Before making the final decision, take a test drive. Use the free version for a particular number of days.

Check for usability, mobility, features, and every other element that you think is vital for your HRs, and then purchase the pro-versions.


To conclude, we can say that selecting the right project management system is challenging but when done with the right mindset and strategies, it is as easy as it can get.

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