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How modern Technologies Impact our understanding of Dystopia


Technology is developing tremendously and continuously. Over the last few years, there have been many technological inventions that aim to ease the life of every person on Earth. Everyone thought that technology will lead humanity towards a utopia, towards something that is ideal but will not come real. Unfortunately. The prospects of a continuously developing technology were promising. We would get rid of plastic pollution, there will be no hunger and poverty in the world, and we will be living in an ideal society. However, technological advancements brought us closer to a dystopia rather than a utopia.

Technology and Dystopia

Modern technologies have eased our lives considerably. If we think about how the world was just a hundred years ago, we realize that our nowadays life is much easier. You do not have to send a letter to your friends, but write them on Messenger. They can always contact you because you have a smartphone with you. You can search for everything on Google and you no longer have to go to a library and read books to gather more information. You can order food online and it will come to your door. You can connect all your smart devices to the same wi-fi network and get updates and control them with your phone from a distance. There are many more technological inventions that have brought their immense contribution to every domain, be it agriculture, manufacture, delivery, medicine, education, and many more.

And it seems that technology brought us closer to a utopia. But this is not true, as these modern technologies came with many consequences that create more of a dystopia than a utopia. It has become increasingly easy to survey and monitor people. With all these new devices that get invented and developed every year, governments and other entities can know where you are and what you are doing at every moment. We all have smartphones that are connected to the internet, so it is enough for them to collect a lot of information about us. Amazon already began building new technology, that of delivery of products by drones. Even though this is a few years away from being implemented, drones are the latest modern technological invention that could bring us closer to a dystopia than a utopia, as some might think.

Read Essay About Dystopia

The idea of dystopia and utopia has been approached in many books, articles, blog posts, and so on over the last hundred years and not only. So, if you want to read a dystopia essay, you can find online many essay examples on this topic. There are dystopia essays for everybody that wants to learn more about this topic and on how technology has changed the world. Even though it came with many positive benefits, it also came with consequences for society. However, many people will be tempted to think that technology is bad for us. And indeed, there are some negative consequences it came with, but we cannot forget and diminish the importance and value of all the advancements it generated.

Open-Source Technology

One of the things that made technology come with these negative consequences is the open-source code many of them have. This means that everyone can access, copy, and then edit the code that is at the base of a specific technology. This makes it increasingly easy and facile for anyone to build and personalize some technological advancements. How they will be going to use it is up to anyone. If you make the code open-source and widely available to the public, it is a slight chance that someone will use it not for the intended purpose.

However, smartphones and social media remain the main sources of information for anyone who wants to find out things about you. Users think that they share photos and details about them only with friends, but this is not always true. For example, when you decide to create an account on a platform using your Facebook account, you give access to that platform to your friends’ list, preferences, email, and many more. All entities are collecting billions of data daily about their users. Which is somehow intrusive and diminishes the privacy of people.

Final Words

Modern technology, even though it made our lives easier, it also brought us closer to a dystopia rather than a utopia. And most people do not even realize that there are so many entities, basically, all of them, which are collecting data on their behavior online. This modern technology can easily be used for surveillance and controlling the masses, which kind of has the opposite intended effect.

Bio lines: James Collins is an essay writer passionate about technology. He uses the latest gadgets and often writes reviews on them. James loves reading SF books.

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