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How to Block YouTube Ads on Android TV

by Roveen

YouTube is a site whose popularity has remained steady over the years. Despite many predicting its downfall with the emergence of TikTok and the introduction of Reels on Instagram, it has remained the go-to site for long-form video content and is still the best paying site for video content creators.

However, one thing about YouTube that many people find insufferable is the ads. Not only are YouTube ads getting more annoying, they could become even more frustrating in the future. So, if you have Android TV and wish to escape this, there are two major ways to do it.

Pay for YouTube Premium

Well duh! You might say, and yes, this is a very obvious solution that many people are vehemently opposed to. But you can use it to make your YouTube viewing experience better. However, I do not recommend that you make the purchase directly through YouTube’s subscriptions in your location, as those can be quite costly. Through a good VPN and an open private browser, you can then look for the best premium offers from other countries and find the best rates.

For example, YouTube Premium costs less than $ 2 in countries like Turkey and India, so if you live in an area where the cost is more, you might want to try these locations.

If you do not want to subscribe to YouTube Premium, then another way is –

Choose an Alternate ‘YouTube’ clone App

Ad block apps are getting a bit of pushback, with Google banning the blockers from YouTube. However, an app like SmartTube Next does this differently. The app acts as a YouTube replacement, meaning that you need to install it on any supported device manually. Once installed, you can then watch your YouTube videos on it and add free, including skipping sponsored content on the content creator’s videos.

With YouTube ads getting worse, knowing how go round this can make you fall in love once again with the app.

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