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How to Buy Ripple with Bitcoin – A Step by Step Guide


XRP cryptocurrency was created for official use within the RippleNet system. The RippleNet platform is based on the XRP distributed ledger database. In the entire history of the existence of the cryptocurrency, the XRP price did not rise above $ 2.

Bitcoin Conversion: Step by Step Guide

You can perform a BTC for XRP exchange on a traditional exchange or use an instant exchange service. If you want to convert your coins without the hassle, you’ve come to the right place. Your level of training is not important here, it may even be the first cryptocurrency swap in your life. You just need to open the platform home page and follow a few simple steps in the given installation.

  • Select exchange rate, it can be floating or fixed;
  • In the upper drop-down field, indicate the name of the cryptocurrency and the amount to be sold;
  • In the lower field, specify the name of the cryptocurrency to buy;
  • Make a deposit;
  • Enter the address of your crypto wallet;
  • Press the “Exchange” button.

As soon as you do this, the program will start. SmartRate technology scans all available offers, compares them with the entered data and among themselves. The program will make a deal automatically as soon as it finds the best deal. In essence, he will do the same as you, choosing the best deal. But unlike a person, the program pays attention only to the specified parameters. 

After completing the transaction, the proceeds will go to your wallet. If you need all the details of the transaction, you download the receipt. To do this, the system will ask you to specify only your email address. Actually, that’s all, and now, without wasting time, you can do it all over again and convert BTC to XMR or another cryptocurrency pair available.

Why Instant Exchange is Better

The most obvious advantage of the platform is simple swaps, you do not need to waste time on registration, identity verification, and market research. You go to our resource, follow the guide and get:

Fast exchange. SmartRate finds and analyzes current offers many times faster than a human can do. The platform does not have its own liquidity, and simply makes a deal on the site, which has an appropriate supply of funds to complete the deal. The conversion speed is equal to the speed of transaction registration in the blockchain.

Best rates. The program analyzes the compliance of the proposed conditions with the given input data and always selects the most advantageous current offer.

No exchange limit. When the program chooses an option for the transaction, it focuses not only on the exchange rate, but also on the ability to exchange the amount specified by the client even if the amount is very large.

No registration: You do not risk your personal data. Registration and identity verification on the platform is not required. All you need is a wallet address to send and receive money and an email if you need a receipt.

Validated coins. The platform only works with reliable services. All are verified, which guarantees the transactions of every transaction.

Non-custodial services. The platform does not store your coins. They remain your property and you have the right to dispose of them.

Attentive customer support. If you have any problems, the support will do their best to fix them.

Bottom Line

Now you know how to convert any coins on LetsExchange. The service offers plenty of benefits, including analytics, and other options for any type of traders. Move on and swap your coins!

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