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How to Create Marketing Which Stands Out


Marketing in today’s constantly evolving and overwhelmingly crowded marketplace is a challenge for even the most experienced marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. The ultimate objective for every business is to create marketing that appeals directly to their target audience, is noticeable and memorable, and communicates a clear message with a compelling call to action.

New marketing campaigns are being created every day across a seemingly endless number of channels, and it can be difficult to work out where to position your brand for maximum impact. Here are some tips and tricks to help you create marketing campaigns that will stand out from the crowd.

Present solutions to problems

In most cases, customers pay for services or products to solve a problem they are having or may have in the future. Your marketing should address a common problem and present itself as the simple solution customers should be turning to. The greater the demand for the problem, the better.

Hit your target market

Sending marketing campaigns out into the void and hoping they will reach the right people is a waste of time and money. At best, consumers will ignore advertising which they feel is not relevant to them, and at worst they will become irritated with your brand. Make sure you are using the right marketing platforms and content for your intended audience and segment your marketing campaigns where appropriate.

Create compelling headlines

You only have a few words with which to grab and hold a consumer’s attention. While “clickbait” has a lot of negative press in the marketing community, there are lessons to be learned from the way these headlines are created to hook attention and provoke interest. Whether using text message marketing software to send SMS marketing campaigns, email marketing, blog posts, or social media posts, your copy needs to pop. It is worth noting that negative and extreme headings often garner more interest than positive ones.

Focus your message

While boring marketing is not advisable, try not to overcomplicate your messaging or swamp text with too much imagery. Advertising which is entertaining and creative is great, but if the message is lost, what is the point of the campaign? No one is claiming it is easy to strike a balance between engaging, memorable, and effective, but that is what you should be aiming for.

Always include a hook

Your campaign should include a hook or call-to-action. Whether you are encouraging consumers to buy a product, download a free e-book, claim a free gift, or anything else, they need a reason to act on what they have seen.

Be different

It may seem like an obvious point, but sometimes marketers need to think literally when it comes to standing out from the crowd. Look at your competitors’ campaigns to see which colors, shapes, fonts, etc., they are using. What could you use which would ensure you stand out? Alternatively, find out what time of day your competitors are posting on social media or sending marketing emails, and send at a quieter time of day.

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