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How to Factory Reset Your New Generation MacBook or iMac

by Roveen

If you have a Macbook or iMac and want to reset it for various reasons – perhaps to sell it or give it as a gift to someone else, then you have come to the right place.

Resetting your devices always ensures that you erase all your personal data so that it goes back to being as good as new.

Therefore, whether it is a Macbook or iMac, below is how to reset the device to factory resetting.

Modern MacBook or iMac Resetting

If your Macbook or iMac is running the following MacOS – Sonoma, Ventura or Monterey, all of which are more recent MacOS iterations, then the guide below is how to factory reset them.

On MacOS Ventura or Sonoma, here is how you will go about it:

  1. Click on the Apple logo on the menu bar.
  2. Then, select the System Settings from the dropdown menu that comes.
  3. Then, click on General from the sidebar, after which you will then select Transfer or Reset on the right side.
  4. This will bring you an option on Migration Assistant. Click on Erase All Content and Settings.
  5. This will reset the laptop into its factory mode.

On the other hand, if your Mac is running Monterey:

  1. Click on the Apple logo in the menu bar.
  2. Then, Find System Preferences and select it.
  3. Once selected, then click on System Preferences in the menu bar.
  4. This will take you to the Migration Assistant Here, click Erase All Content and Settings from the dropdown.

Remember, when you select Erase All Content and Settings in the final step, you will need to enter the Mac’s admin password. Then, your Erase assistant will ask you if you want to back up your Mac with Time Machine.

You will also be asked to sign out of your Apple ID and then click Erase All Content & Settings again. After this, then Mack will now reset.

If you want to learn how to reset older generation Macbooks or iMacs, click here.

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