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How to Fix RAM Issues on Your PC Using Windows Command Prompt

by Roveen

Using your computer when the RAM is misbehaving will feel like trying to fetch water with a sieve – frustrating and time consuming.

Usually, the computer feels overwhelmed when the following happens:

  • You have too many programs open.
  • When using taxing apps such as Adobe Photoshop or perhaps LightRoom Vide editor.
  • When watching videos in HD or very high resolution.
  • When running any program which your PC was not built to handle.
  • When the RAM has issues

When any of this happens, your PC will struggle to run all these program optimally.

Now, of course, you can simply restart the PC if it is slow due to the first four problems and it will then function well. But if you wish to solve the issue better, here is how to do that.

  1. The first step is to click on the Windows key + R
  2. This will bring a small dialog box that will say ‘Type the name of a program, folder, document or internet resource, and window will open it for you.’
  3. In the box next to the area written ‘Open’, key in the following exe.
  4. This will open yet another dialogue box which is called Windows Memory Diagnostic. This is the program that will run diagnostics on your computer’s RAM and check for any problems that might be causing it to stop working.
  5. You have two options: You can select to restart the computer immediately to check for problems (This is highly recommended). Or if you are still using the computer and don’t want your work interrupted (as the process takes a few minutes), then you can select option two, which will run diagnostics the next time you restart the PC.
  6. Once you restart the PC, it will open the Windows Command Prompt and analyze problems on your RAM. You won’t need to do anything here except sit back and let the computer do its thing. Once completed, the PC will restart itself, hopefully fully fixing the issue.

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