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How to Make Money with a Dating App?


The technology age that we are in does not stop with dating. It is quite the opposite because today people are on the go. They do not have the time, or energy, to cruise through all the bars, looking for a like-minded person. Not one that is a fish, or that is looking for a one-night hookup (one that is safe). It can be such a task that up until the advent of online dating sites many people would opt to stay single, rather than go through the hassles.

This is where an entrepreneur can make some money. It is projected that online dating platforms will earn over 755 million in profits in the United States alone. That is a lot of money that you can tap into by starting and running a dating site. Make a business plan and get some facts put together before moving forward in the process. Once you are ready, it is time to learn how you can make some money at it.

  • Paid Plans-One of the best, and most obvious, ways to make money with a dating site is to charge for your services. It is not that simple though. You need to compete with the others that are already established. You will want to run some free start-up sales to get people to join. The best way is to offer a free plan that allows them access to some of the most basic features. From there, the more features that they want will move up a plan. A plan that will cost them some money. It may be a promising idea to offer your basic level customers a couple of days free of the premium plans. This will let them see what they ae missing, and they will go up from there. This is the main answer to “how do dating apps make money?”
  • Advertising: If you have ever done any website searches, or maybe done some advertising for yourself, you are fully aware that it is imperative to use online advertising. People today prefer to use online platforms to conduct all their business affairs, especially ones that are compatible with their mobile devices. Just take a few seconds and look around, you will see people around you that have a mobile phone in their hands, or pockets, or even in their faces, while they do their daily tasks. Sell some of the space on your site to other businesses looking to advertise their own enterprises. Post some of your ads on other sites in return. You can simply trade space or charge them for each spot that they want.
  • In application purchases-This is a fantastic way to get yourself on the positive side of the books. Add some extras for your members to take advantage of. Such as flowers that they can sent to people that they want to hook up with. Or maybe a virtual gift after you have gone on a few dates. The sky is the limit, and so are the profits that can be achieved.

Those are the three main ways that you can earn money from a dating site. Online dating platforms are big right now, and they will continue to grow in popularity. The companies that get established now will have a better chance to get a piece of the pie. Just make sure that you keep your site updated.

Offer free incentives and change things up a little to keep customers, and to obtain new ones. For instance, make a competition for a month, offering the winner a free year’s subscription to your most premium package. You will be amazed at how little things like that can boost your database and your profits.

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