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How to Manage Your Google Passwords on Chrome on the PC

by Roveen

Google is doing all it can to make Chrome one of the most convenient apps to use and that has seen Chrome remain one of the most used apps by many people. This is despite concerns around privacy and how much more secure it is compared to other browsers.

One of the features that Google Chrome has is its password manager. This manager allows you to save passwords for different sites which you visit regularly, ensuring that you do not always have to keep typing in the password or having to remember it.

So, how then do you access this password manager on your PC?

  1. Open your Chrome Browser, then click on the menu icon (three dots on a vertical line) in the upper right corner.
  2. Click
  3. Then, once you’re in Settings, scroll down to find Autofill and passwords on the left. Then click on Google Password Manager.
  4. If you want to narrow down the list, enter in the search field.
  5. Then, once done, you will see each username stored for each website, with the password hidden behind the usual dots.
  6. Click on the eye icon next to the entry whose passwords you want to check.
  7. When you click here, Chrome will ask you for the password for your OS profile or PIN. When you enter these credentials, Chrome will reveal the password.

Concerns Around This

While this Chrome Password manager is very convenient, there is no doubt that it does have some security loopholes. For example, there is no additional layer of protection when the Chrome Password manager asks for your OS password or PIN to log is to view the password for the specific site.

However, you can add that extra layer of protection by setting up your Google Account for two-factor authentication.

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