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How to Quickly and Easily Find Movie Categories to Watch on Netflix

by Roveen

As the world’s most popular streaming platform, Netflix is ubiquitous to our daily lives. It is a service that is stacked with movies and shows which enhance our pleasure after a day’s work.

Now, the Netflix recommendation page is one of Netflix’s main features. Whenever you want to watch something on Netflix, but have nothing in mind, you will often turn to the Netflix recommendation list, hoping to find something good to watch. But, if you regularly use Netflix’s recommendation tab, you will have noticed that the recommendation and categories is not that great.

However, what you may not know is that there are codes that you can type in to get movie categories that you actually want to watch. Yes, you read that right. Netflix has secret codes which can help sort out movies into categories that you like. These codes date back to the earliest days of the site.

Secret Codes

Below are some secret codes to the most common genres:

For action movies, type in 1365 and get a list of all action movies on Netflix.

Family friendly movies – 783

Comedy – 6548

Documentaries – 6839

Scary/horror movies – 8711

Classic movies – 31574

Cult movies – 7627

Drama – 5763

Foreign movies – 7462

Romantic movies – 8883

Sports movies – 4370

Thrillers – 8933

TV Shows – 83

Sci-Fi – 1492

Anime – 7424

Music – 1701

For even more specific categories in these genres, you can get more codes here.

How to Use the Codes

Using the codes is relatively easy. All you need to do is open your browser, type in “” and then add the ID code at the end of the URL. So, for example, if you want to watch a Thriller, you will type “” and then click search or enter. And if you’re going to watch a specific kind of thriller, say psychological thriller, rather than search with the main thriller code, you will instead search with the psychological thriller code, which is 5505; so

There you have it. Use these codes and enjoy your Netflix binge-watch.

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