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How to Secure Your Gmail Account with 2-Factor Authentication

by Roveen

When it comes to online security, it is best not to take any risks as the chances of your privacy being breached is very high. Thus it is for this reason that (2FA) is a scorching topic right now. 2-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of protection because it requires a second login token from a different device before allowing access to the device.

2-Factor Authentication works this way – It locks your account with two separate factors. That factor could be something you know, like your password or your phone, or something that you have, like fingerprints. When two of these factors are combined, that is called a 2FA.

So, how do you set it up on your Gmail accounts?

Google Prompts

You can use Google Prompt system to create a 2-Factor Authentication. You can find it by heading to your Google Account, then clicking on Security, and then under Signing into Google, selecting 2-Step Verification.

When you do this, you must sign into the account again. Then select Try it Now to send a Google Prompt message to your listed device.

Accepting the Prompt will bring you another screen asking if you want to turn on the 2-Step Verification. (In other devices, you may get a screen asking you to confirm your mobile number using an SMS). Select Turn On.

Google Authenticator App

You might also want to use the Google Authenticator app. This app generates a six-digit code which you will use to log into the account. However, you must have your phone with you to work.

After downloading, the steps you follow when selecting Security on the app will be similar to the steps above.

However, when you get access to the 2-Step Verification setting, you will then scroll down and select the Authenticator app and then select your phone type.

You will then receive a QR code. Open the Authenticator app on your phone, click +, and add a new email address. Then select Scan a barcode. Use the app to scan the QR code on the screen, and it will add the account to the app. This way each time you log into your Google account, you will be required to provide that six-digit Google Authenticator code.

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