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How to turn iPhone Hotspot feature on and have it as portable Wi-Fi

by Felix Omondi
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Smartphones have made connecting to the internet so much easier, provided you have a cellular connection. For as long as you have service, a few taps on your smartphone and you are connected to the world via social media, email, and much more.

Our laptops and tablets are equally just as useful, but for them to connect to the internet, they tend to be somewhat needy. Though there are some few tablets that come with cellular connection feature, virtually all laptops rely on external devices to connect to the internet.

That is to say if you ever found yourself out and about with your laptop and smartphone. In addition to not having internet Wi-Fi service, you can share your smartphone mobile data with your laptop and get work done on your computer.

How to create Wi-Fi hotspot on iPhone

In this article, we are going to show you how to turn your iPhone into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. That way, you can connect your laptop or tablet to the internet Wi-Fi for as long as you have your iPhone around you.

Go to Settings and scroll down to Personal Hotspot and toggle the switch to on position.iphone wi-fi hotspotiphone wi-fi hotspot

Your iPhone should start beaming Wi-Fi signal that other devices in the vicinity can connect to. The system auto-generates the Wi-Fi password, but you can tap on Wi-Fi Password to change the password to what you like.

Now, go to your laptop or tablet, and turn on the Wi-Fi feature. Then connect to the name of the Wi-Fi being beamed from your iPhone.

PS – Creating a Wi-Fi hotspot and connecting a laptop or tablet to the network is the first step towards going online. You must then enable mobile data on your iPhone for the Wi-Fi signal connect devices to the internet. Otherwise, you will just have Wi-Fi without internet access.

And, if you happen to share the Wi-Fi password with someone, and later changed your mind. You can kick them out of the Wi-Fi hotspot by simply changing the password. Of course, you will need to re-enter the new password to your devices to continue using the Wi-Fi beaming from your iPhone.

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