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How to Use PowerPoint to Make More Creative Presentations

by Roveen

Do you have a project which needs a PowerPoint presentation and are dreading it?

Making a PowerPoint presentation can be quite a challenging endeavor, and can be characterized by boring and dry presentations.

However, this doesn’t need to be the case. You can make your PowerPoint presentations as cool and creative as possible and here is how:

Write Down Your Talking Points

Before opening up PowerPoint, the first thing you want to do is outline your speech and the talking points. Pay attention to creating an engaging presentation structure which will have anecdotes, humor, and a proper beginning, middle and end.

Once you have your outline ready, then you can search for a PowerPoint presentation template which will best represent your topic.

Get Creative with Your Slides

To ensure you keep your audience engaged, consider being creative with your slides. If you have a very engaging content but each is presented in the same slide, you will lose your audience interest quickly.

So, consider having different and unique slides, each with its unique layout that fits into the overall theme of your presentation.

Whether it is having changing photos in the background to using different shapes, icons and text decorations, don’t be limited.

Have a Consistent Design

Even as you seek to have different presentation templates, they should all have a similar look and feel. Each slide, though unique, should fit into the overall theme and color scheme of your presentation.

If you are planning to use, for example black and turquois, then each of your slide should feature this color scheme at all times. Don’t have a presentation which has colors and design elements all over the place. That will make your presentation look cluttered and messy.

Add Transitions

When done well, transitions can add a little bit of fun into your presentation. They can make a shift from one topic to another feel seamless and engaging.

PowerPoint has several transitions that you can choose from so use them. Here is a guide on how to use Transitions on PowerPoint.

For more tips, click here and remember, a good presentation is nothing without good content. So, ensure your content is also outstanding.

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