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How you can Build a Successful Startup Enterprises


Starting your very own business can be the best thing you ever do. However, it is also a very daunting prospect. To be successful, you know it is going to take a lot of hard work and focused dedication. Unfortunately, a lot of start-ups fail, but that isn’t always the case. As long as you are honest with yourself from the off, are completely aware of all the potential pitfalls, and have contingency plans, you should be able to pass through the initial stages and develop a stronger business in the process. It is all a learning curve, and the best entrepreneurs know that they never stop learning. So how can you ensure that you are among the list of successful new entrepreneurs:

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Work With Your Strengths

When you have the entrepreneurial spirit, the absolute first thing you must do before creating any sort of plan is to look inwardly. When you do this, you must be 100% honest with yourself if you want to succeed. Who are you? What skills do you possess? What do you lack? What do you like doing? What inspires you? In other words, what are your strengths and weaknesses? Having an acute knowledge of your own abilities and where you need help and assistance will go a long way when you actually begin your venture. You cannot be blind to your shortcomings. You need to make plans around them, employing someone or having a business partner who possesses the abilities you do not, for example. Alternatively, you can develop your idea around your strengths. Anything that allows you to use your strengths as opposed to your weaknesses will be a bonus and will help make you a success. Any business idea can be adjusted to suit your strengths, so remember that. It may take a lotto creative thinking but it is far better to consider this before you are actually in business.

Focus Your Idea

After you have fully considered your idea and built it around your personality type, you need to focus it. It is very easy to get swept away by the romanticism of your idea. A lot of businesses fail because they do not focus and try to do too many things at once. You need to be able to write your idea down in one sentence. For example, selling cowboy boots online. It is clear that the focus is on cowboy boots specifically, not all kinds of boots, and the selling strategy is focused on online sales. You are far better off starting small and branching out, rather than starting big then needing to refine and focus later on. This helps you with all the research you will need to do to fully comprehend your business type and develop a working model.

Create a Business Plan

Now you know what your focus is, you need to write a fully comprehensive business plan. In order to do this successfully, it may help you to read examples or download a template, so you do not miss any vital aspects. The business plan will enable you to truly envision the business as a real, tangible, and working thing. This may be very different from the idea you have in your head, and that is kind of the point. When you begin visualizing the plan as it really is in the real working world, it may force you to make some fundamental changes. The plan will cause you to think about things that you have probably not already thought about. You will create a plan for finance, for example, what assets and resources you will need, you will make projections, forecasts, begin developing some marketing strategies, and a whole lot more. This process will mean you will start researching your business type. Perhaps learning about the competition and looking at their start-up stories may help you. When you finally get going, a business plan will act as a road map. It will have the effect of keeping you focussed – which is essential to success. Getting caught up in the moment and promising the Earth before you can even tie your shoes is a big no-no! A business plan is absolutely essential for pitching your idea to any potential investors too or going to the bank to secure a business loan. By going through this process, you will show how serious you are, as well as realistic. You need to demonstrate that you are a worthy investment. A good thorough business plan does this for you.

Market Research

Another vital aspect you need to undertake before getting going on your project is conducting thorough market research. This is where you develop an understanding of your key customer profile, discover if there is actually a market for the product or service you are looking to sell, and look into the competition. You will gather a lot of valuable insights from this process. What are your customer’s likes and dislikes? What are their preferences? What social media sites do they tend to use? What are their core characteristics? How do your competitors position themselves? Etc, etc.. You can gather a lot of this data by looking at your competitor’s websites and social media sites. Look up hashtags that are relevant. Discover what people say about simpler products. You can even create a prototype and hand this out to anyone you know that seems to fit the profile of your key customer. Get some feedback, how can you improve, etc.? The more research you do, the more honed your research will become. You will be able to understand the pricing structure better too, and what people are willing to pay. It is where you will begin to formulate a marketing strategy that will resonate with your audience. Certain things will connect with certain types of people, flag badges when marketing in particular countries to show patriotism, for example.


Before you show your face to the world, you need an in-depth personality to showcase. This means you need a philosophical reason and a core value system. People need to identify with you if you went to succeed. Think about the product first of all. Are you creating it to solve a problem in people’s lives? Is it a solution? Does it show that you care about people or about something in particular, such as environmental issues? You need to develop core values and ethical background. Write down a great creation story, something that people can identify with to help them see your visions of the future. Once you have this strong conceptual foundation for your business, you will find it easier to promote. When you create your website, ensure that your values are clear, ensure your story has its own page, your ethical considerations too, and how you are helping make the world a better place.

Once your shop face – the website – is created with all this included, you can begin a marketing campaign. A marketing campaign will mirror these concepts, and it will be coherent and consistent with all key messages, threading together to make a whole. If you want to build brand awareness, trust and loyalty are a must, these things help you develop these essential components to success. As your business starts to come together and things get more complicated, you will want to learn more about NetSuite software for organizing and even innovative use and insights into your data. This software will organize all your data from payment processing to customer relationships, to seeing how you can find insights in your data itself you may not be aware of (opportunities). The organization will be imperative at some point so start thinking about this now and as you build, keep in mind how this can be utilized in your business. Part of your branding process is to have the right information and insights about everything your company does, how your customers feel about the processes, and organization can only help your branding efforts.


It is not all about theory. You have to get out into the world and meet people. Other like-minded business people will help you stay in the straight and narrow and offer you all their start-up stories. This is invaluable information. Everything you can learn from other business owners will help you see potential pitfalls and develop strategies for avoiding them. Network events are also great places to meet all kinds of other people, like investors and people with special skills you may require at some point. It may be worth creating a LinkedIn account so you can connect with anyone you need at these events. You are going to need great business contacts, and face-to-face is a far stronger way to build a connection than relying on a computer screen.

Never Stop Learning

One of the key things you must remember to be a successful entrepreneur over the long term is that things never stay static. The business world is a adynamic and constantly changing thing. If you want to stay ahead, then you need to develop and grow within it. That means you need to constantly be learning about better practices and ways of doing things. Processes get old, and people change. New technologies come along and completely transform the workplace and products. No business can sell the exact same product forever. You need to maintain the research practice you have developed in the beginning and always watch the competition. Yes, it can be hard work, but falling behind and losing out is not going to get you anywhere. If you are lucky enough to survive the first few years, then you need a new strategy and plan for growth. No one knows everything, so embrace the idea of change, create a culture of change and innovation in the workplace, and move forward with focus, energy, and intent.

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