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Importance of Freelancers to Businesses.

by Roveen

Approximately 59 million Americans, that is, 36%, perform freelance work. Meaning, our nation is experiencing changes in the employment environment, especially since COVID-19 attacked the world. There are independent contracts that are being provided to businesses to stand out in their field. Something shocking is that these separate contracts are offered in the comfort of our homes. Freelancers deliver services to different types of businesses from the comfort of their homes while improving and helping those businesses to attain their goals. Companies can benefit financially from hiring a freelancer since they are only paid based on hours worked—no payment during sick days or vacations. Also, things like medical insurance are not provided for a freelancer. Although some disadvantages come with hiring a freelancer, one needs to know what freelancers are best at and how your business can take advantage of them.

  1. Writer/ Copywriter:

    One of the most popular jobs under freelancing is writing. Companies aim at providing the best and high-quality articles to be competitive in today’s market. Writers are there to help businesses reach a vast number of audiences through their fluent and compelling content. Copywriters write proposals for business projects. Writers need to have the best writing skills, good grammar, and being creative to attract a targeted audience.

  2. Developers:

    Programmers contribute to businesses by bringing their presence online through mobile applications and websites. Freelance developers have different areas of specialization. Before a company hires a programmer, they need to know their area of specialization. There are Web Designers, Mobile Application Programmers, among others.

  3. Social Media Managers:

    You might be involved with several roles in your company, making you forget to manage your social media platforms. Social Media Managers spend time studying online posts to handle different social media platforms. Being held up with other roles might cause you to forget posting on your social media platforms; thus, employing one to manage these platforms saves you from the anxiety of coping with new trends.

  4. Designers:

    Most companies hire a different type of freelancer designers to create the best graphics needed. Most designers present their well-prepared portfolio that shows their area of specialization as well as their talents. The graphic designer often creates logos, flyers, brochures, and design even websites. They tend to help different organizations by putting their skills into practice; thus, freelancing helps them reach many organizations simultaneously.

  5. Marketing Professionals:

    Just like social media managers, marketing professionals can help manage social media platforms and websites. Marketers have digital skills that help them create and optimize different strategies that interest the buyer. Organizations look for a marketer that is well equipped with SEO, Data Analysis, and User Experience.

  6. PR:

    Organizations hire a brand communication specialist who can build the companies’ image to be favorable in public. Building companies’ image includes tasks like performing editorial coverage by writing the best material that would be used for media. Organizations benefit from PR since they provide written press releases and speeches, conduct market research, and be in charge of special events released to the public.

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