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Is MVC2 Finally Getting a Re-Release?


When we were kids the most exciting times or you can say the “highlight” of our day was playing Arcade fighting games with our friends and family. The sense of rush and thrill that games like King of Fighters and Mortal Kombat used to give.

These Arcade Fighting video games used to be the gems of the gaming industry with millions of lovers all across the globe. And while these games used to keep most of the gaming community preoccupied, there was another sensational title with a comparatively good player base and a very loyal fan base.

The game that I am talking about is Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, the original superhero crossover arcade fighting game that used to be the best in its own unique way. These superheroes used to and still do have a very special place in our hearts, the thrill of beating the opponent’s superhero used to be the best thing ever. With so many feelings attached to the game, we just afford to let it slip.

Unfortunately, MVC2 has been removed from the platforms after a golden decade, apparently due to the expiration of the license. This has made a lot of the fans furious and they want to get their favorite title back. However, to raise the voice of the community, a popular YouTuber by the Maximilian Dood, has started a campaign using the hashtag #FreeMVC2 and it has already caught fire all over the internet. It has become so viral that around 15-20 thousand gamers have already shown their support by signing the petition to bring the game back.

A ton of gaming enthusiasts are showing their support by keeping this hashtag alive on Twitter, it even has hit the mainstream media. Some of the very popular game developers have already shown interest and support towards this campaign, with Mika, the head of Eclipse Studio being ahead of everyone else. Mika has been active on social media commenting on various talks about the revival of this classic arcade. 

But the voice has already become too loud and apparently has reached the giant studios and even forced to open conversation regarding the future of the game, allegedly. However, it seems like the road towards revival of this game is much more complicated than it appears to be on the outside. 

The most prominent issues that seem to rise have to do with legal issues in order to get this game back on track. There are copyright issues, licensing issues and whatnot which apparently the studios are not ready to get into. Mostly because, they will end up paying more on solving these issues than they will get in return as profit.

However, the fans are not willing to back down on their favorite title and the campaign #FreeMVC2 seems to be getting more and more attention with every passing day. Making it clear to the developers that they want to see a fully compatible version of the original MVC2 title for the latest consoles series X|S as well as PS5, enjoy the thrill of ultra HD graphics.

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