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Kenya’s Zuku Fiber Launches the Fastest Internet Speed in the country

by Felix Omondi
zuku fiber

Internet users in Kenya are about to connect on a more rapid lane if the claims by a local internet service provider, Zuku Fiber proves to be true. The ISP claims to have upgraded its network infrastructure and service to give users an internet connection speed of up to 250Mbps.

Zuku Fiber is part of Wananchi Group, whose CEO Thomaz Hintze made the announcement that they are offering a new package, Home Advanced with connections speed of 250Mbps. This package is said to be targeting customers who do much online streaming of movies, real-time gaming, and live video chats.

These services need a higher bandwidth and low latency internet connection. About a year ago, Zuku Fiber announced it is embarking on a Ksh. 2.6 billion upgrade to its network infrastructure and services. The announcement of the 250Mbps Home Advanced internet package perhaps signifies the investment paid off and now customers should anticipate faster connection speeds from the ISP.

Zuku Fiber internet package comes wrapped up in a triple play package containing internet connection, premium TV content, and telephone line service. To celebrate the milestone achievement, Zuku has also announced that all customers subscribing to different internet package should expect their connection speed to increase by 60% without any price increase.

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