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Learn How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone


Do you suspect your significant other may be cheating on you? Do you want to make sure your child is safe in their technology use? Then you might just need a way to monitor someone’s device without them knowing about it. In this article, we will provide you with the tools needed to spy on someone’s text messages discreetly and easily. 

Why Would I Need to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages?

There is a plethora of reasons one might need to spy on someone’s phone without touching their phone. Maybe it is your child’s first venture into the world of smartphones, and you want to guarantee their safety. You know you can’t be hovering over them at every moment of the day. Or maybe you are in the tricky situation of suspecting your partner is cheating on you and need an affordable way to confirm or dispel your suspicions. In either scenario, you need the tools we will present further. 

Is It Possible to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone?

The short answer to this question is yes. With modern technology, savvy innovators have created methods to facilitate spying. The most common way it is done is through apps to spy on phone, but there are also other solutions outlined below. 

It is worth mentioning that it is possible to read someone’s text messages without access to a phone on iOS and Android unless 2FA is activated.

How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages Without Having Their Phone: 3 Ways

Smartphones provide the most convenient way of communicating to stay in touch with people who matter to you. Modern gadgets allow us to surf the internet, share images, send instant messages, etc. Sometimes it might be necessary to know the ways how to spy on someone’s text messages without their phone to stay alert to any inappropriate activity and react promptly. Without further ado, let’s reveal the top 3 go-to options you might want to use.

How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages Without Touching Their Phone with SpyBubble

SpyBubble is a stealthy application that can be remotely installed on someone’s iOS device. You need to know their iCloud credentials, and you’re good to go:

  1. Register your SpyBubble account by clicking Try Now or Buy Now on the website.

  2. Choose a suitable subscription plan.

  3. Follow the necessary settings on your phone and the targeted device.

  4. Spy on someone’s text messages without their phone.

If the targeted device is Android, one-time physical access will be required; the app icon can be hidden during the installation process. Have peace of mind thanks to obtaining full control over various phone activities.

Some of SpyBubble app features are as follows:

  • Compatible with both Android and Apple phones

  • Offers GPS and messaging tracking 

  • Affordable cost starting at $10.62 a month

  • Simplicity, the use of the app requires minimal technical knowledge making it an ideal choice to spy on someone’s text messages without their phone

  • Allows to see photos/videos on their phone

  • Alerts you if they use a different SIM card 

  • Checks for renamed contacts

  • Logs all keystrokes and takes screenshots

  • Monitors the surrounding sounds by activating the device’s microphone

With all these features and thousands of satisfied customers, the SpyBubble app will fit your needs in your specific situation. 

Spy on Someone’s Text Messages Without Their iPhone for Free – iCloud

Logging in through iCloud is another method to read someone’s text messages; moreover, it’s free. Using a person’s iCloud information is among the best methods to obtain the required data without having access to their phone. For this method to work, you would need their iCloud information (Apple ID). Once you have it, log in to iCloud on your device either through the website or settings. 

You may be asked to merge devices; in this case, accept so you can choose which device to view and monitor. If your target doesn’t have iCloud backup enabled, you will have to physically get their phone and enable iCloud backup. This may be challenging since you’ll also need to know their screen password.

100% Free Method to Fetch Data: Android Backup

If the target person has Android Backup enabled, the backed-up information is stored in Google Drive. Text messages, call history, contacts, device settings, etc., are saved and can then be restored when the person signs into a new phone using Google information. By utilizing this method, you can find out specific messages and react promptly if inappropriate communication has taken place.

This method does have some cons, though. If there is a 2-step verification, you would need their phone to get the password. They can also have their account set up in such a way as to receive a notification saying, “Did you log into this device?” each time their Google account log-in data is entered on another device, so you will also need to delete this email. This method is not as convenient as others, but with the right information, it is possible to spy on someone’s text messages without their phone for free. 

Is It Legal to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone?

There are several legal caveats to the use of spy apps. In the United States, it is illegal to install spying software on another person’s device without their consent. It is a felony and is punished by fines and jail time. There are some exceptions, especially when it comes to minors; however, as you proceed with this software, do so with caution and follow the laws of your state or nation. 

Final Words

The modern age we live in allows us to have more peace of mind than ever. In the past, it may have been easy for partners to cheat and get away with it; now, we have the power to spy on someone’s text messages to get the truth. No more can anyone hide under the guise of a business trip or “we are just friends.” Whether you want to keep your kids safe on the net or have the power to know if your spouse is lying or not, make use of a spy app. 

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