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Manage Your Files and Directories through Tags using TagSpaces

by Fahad Saleem

Manage Your Files and Directories through Tags using TagSpaces

Social media like Facebook has made the concept of tagging very popular for referencing to some kind of page or person. This concept of tagging is not entirely new. It dates back to Web 2.0 sites for sorting the content on the pages. To this date, tagging has been employed for sorting various things on Web 2.0 and later versions. Tags have found uses even in Evernote, entire OS X mavericks, and Microsoft OneNote. It lets you organize your system of files and data into any kind of tags management philosophy. Alternatively, TagSpace offers unique approach to tagging as well as managing your files.

 TagSpace contains its own interface that is dedicated to sorting directories and files with the aid of tags. This is the only job of TagSpace. This solution is highly desirable for people who contain plenty of clutter on their web pages. This app comes with some predefined tags such as GTD, priorities, and smart tags.

tag space 3

When you launch the app for the first time, it will show you a short tutorial on methods of navigating the app in better way. The app contains a very slow learning progress. You start by designating a single directory or any directories for which you want to associate the tags including the subfolders. You can tag one entry as many times as you think suitable. This app will even allow you to set different priority levels for the same document, but you will have to decide the context by yourself.

 tag space 4

The app also provides you many colors so that you keep creating tags that are relevant to you. It takes lead over Mac’s tags by carrying the feature that the tags are not only colored but also labeled. It loses out on some grounds also. For example searching the files is a tedious job. You will have to go through a bunch of clicks and menus to access your desired file. You may wish to add some flexibility from MAC OS X to TagSpaces also so that users find comfort in accessing the files in minimum time. Presently, you can easily tag what you want, but those tags wouldn’t carry any significance outside the realm of the app.

 tag space 5

TagSpaces can allow you to tag almost every file in your system. It can also let you create some files from within the app. It is a good way for tag management nevertheless.

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