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Managing Your GMAT Prep In Times Of The Coronavirus


The tremendous impact of COVID-19 has disheveled exams and education curricula across the world. The GMAT is no exception to this fact.

While some GMAT aspirants might just have started preparing themselves, others were already prepared to sit for the actual examination when the COVID-19 appeared out of nowhere and ravaged everything!

But don’t you worry because even the darkest cloud has a silver lining. So your goal of studying in the top MBA colleges will not collapse; this is your chance to utilize it to the fullest!

To manage your GMAT prep without letting worries get the better of you, start with free GMAT mock test online.

The time is difficult and pretty unsettling but can you afford to lose hope just yet?

No, because you have a long way to go.

So take care of yourself and your family members. This disease is extremely contagious and to keep yourself in good health, you must meet people very selectively. Avoid going to crowded places, maintain social distancing, sanitize your hands, and follow all the instructions provided by WHO (World Health Organization). If you have a GMAT study group, decide not to meet in person, you all can still help each other virtually through video conferencing and so on. There is a GMAT self-study course available online you can get hold of that or refer to online classes provided by top teachers from across the globe.

We do not have any control over the unforeseen situations like this one.

So we must concentrate on what we have and how we can turn coal into a diamond by being studying smart. Do not get distracted, stay focused and follow your comprehensive study plan to remain motivated. Try to work on your grey areas and weaknesses. Touch the areas which you left because you were not sure but now that you have ample time you can give it a try you never know you might succeed. 

Create new tasks for yourself.

Start reviewing your answers, analyze each question paper, and find out where you are lacking. Try to assimilate whatever you learn by dissecting and analyzing every part of a concept. A long streak of right answers is more rewarding in GMAT so, you can try to get as many correct answers as possible to form a continuous streak. This can be a very motivating game as well as fun-filled which will help you to not only understand your condition but also will tell you how much improvement is required. This way you will compete with yourself to excel. 

Try to overcome panic

Follow a routine, be disciplined, and relax. We know this is easier said than done, the situation is grim, but you need to retain your level of concentration right? Remember slow and steady wins the race so you must move forward with a steady pace. Do not overstress your brain; give it a break; let it assimilate everything that you have learned. Do exercise regularly, play, listen to music, read books, magazines, newspapers, eat healthy food, and much more but learn when to take a break. You can try out yoga and meditation every day at least 20 to 30 min. Both meditation and yoga along with a relaxing massage can help you to concentrate better on your studies. The point is, take it, easy buddy!

The COVID-19 has changed everything including education and exams. Keep an eye on the notifications provided by GMAC. They try their best to keep the candidates updated with relevant information such as how the tests can be rescheduled and when. Furthermore, they will tell you about the impact of COVID-19 on GMAT testing. You can visit GMAC’s Coronavirus Updates page to get relevant information.

If you have queries that are not available on their website, you can contact them personally via email or phone. Now suppose your GMAT date was postponed after rescheduling, then you must have received an email on GMAC’s behalf; in the email, the rescheduling procedure will be provided. By chance, if you fail to understand any crucial instruction then straight away contact GMAC to clarify your doubts but make sure to clarify each and every point pertaining to the exam. 

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