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Mapkin The Navigation App That Gives You Directions Like A Human Would

by Felix Omondi
Mapkin The Navigation App That Gives You Directions Like A Human Would

For quite some time now, tech savvy people no longer need to ask strangers to point them in the right direction when traveling to unknown destinations. With GPS technology, you can go almost anywhere where Google and the other tech companies have mapped out for their GPS services.

As much as we appreciate the GPS technology, still they are a far cry from when being given direction by a human. A human will use very specific instructions paying attention even to the minute details on your path, like a bump, a yellow sign post, a bush, a rock, puddle of water etc. to make your navigation much easier.

Well, a new driving app launched yesterday on the app store, called Mapkin, which GeekWire praises it for giving direction to drivers like a human would do. Mapkin is said to not only give you the direction, but also it provides you with the instructions based on major landmarks on your route. It even includes traffic and other obstacles you might come across in your path.

Marc Regan, a Mapkin co-creator says, “GPS has two jobs; to pick the best route, and to guide you along it. Many apps have become very good at picking routes. But there’s been little innovation in the voice instructions that help you safely follow the route.

We believe this is the next big opportunity in navigation – creating a safer, less stressful, more natural driving experience. When you’re driving with Mapkin, you’re hearing a mix of high visibility landmarks, local tips, and street names that more closely resembles the way a person sitting next to you would give directions.”

Mapkin has rolled out while still in beta form within the US market in the following cities; New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, San Antonio, Boston, and D.C. The creators hope they will soon extend the app’s coverage to other markets.

Regan also told GeekWire, “The really cool thing is anyone using Mapkin can easily leave tips that we’ll quickly turn into new directions for everyone.”

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