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Microsoft gives yet another compelling reason why you should Uninstall Chrome

by Felix Omondi
Google Chrome

Have you got Windows 10 Creators Update installed on your PC yet? It has been available for about a week now, and Microsoft promises you a better browsing experience on the Edge browser.

In fact, Microsoft is so confident that it says you no longer need to have Chrome or any other browser for that matter still installed on your computer. According to them, you will never need any other browser other than the Edge browser that comes with Windows 10.

In this latest version, Windows 10 Creators Update released on April 11th, the new Edge browser is said to have some big improvement to make it unrivaled by any of the mainstream browsers. Although this is not the first time, Microsoft has released reports of a lab test it did pitting Edge browser against Chrome and Firefox.

Microsoft put a head-to-head video loop challenge pitting the latest version of Edge against Chrome and Firefox. All the three browsers were running on identical Surface Book laptops. As per the result being put forth by Microsoft, Firefox got seven hours of video-looping from full battery charge until it flattened. Chrome did outlive Firefox but flattened the batter at the nine hour mark. Microsoft Edge outlived all the three browsers by doing an impressive 12-and-a-half hour.

You can read in depth on this lab test report at Microsoft’s blog post, but in a nutshell, here is a breakdown. Microsoft used Browser Efficiency Test, an open-source test developed in-house at the company, and the results apparently show Edge browser uses 31% less power compared to Chrome. [Yes, this test was particularly trying to cast Edge in better light over Google Chrome]

When compared to Firefox, the test is said to have revealed Edge to consume 44% less power. So if you are thinking about jumping onto the Windows 10 Creators Update platform or are already there, Microsoft is putting up a strong case for Edge as your default browser.

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