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Moving Office? Here Are Some Tips for a Safe Move!


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For a business owner, an office relocation can be as equally exciting as it is stressful. Putting together and coordinating an office move takes a lot of time and there are safety concerns to any move. Relocation takes time, effort, money and it takes a lot of patience – especially if you are the one in the driver’s seat. Knowing the right safety tips will make your move a successful one and there won’t be any injuries or issues along the way.

When you are coordinating an office move you have to think about your employees in the mix of it all. Are they helping or are you hiring movers? Are they going to be helping the packing and moving into the van, or will this be coordinated elsewhere? If all they’re doing is putting together Texan Box moving supplies, you may not have to worry but either way, you want this move to be as safe as possible. If you value your employee’s wellbeing, then you need these tips for a safe and comfortable – and quick – move.

  • Start planning early. If you know that you plan to move to a new office in a year, then plan a year ahead. As long as you are thinking about moving, you should be planning. From organizing the office removal company to giving suppliers notice, there is a lot to get done. If you plan as early as possible, you won’t have to worry about things going safely because you’ll have everything in hand. The other consideration is that the earlier you plan, the better off you’ll be for timing.

  • Make a list. Every successful move is a success because of a checklist. You have to get everything listed in order of priority and once you do that, you can then determine whether you are on track. Ticking things off as you go will also tell you whether you are missing anything or if something needs immediate action.

  • Get the offices cleaned up – both of them. Your office you are in needs as much clean up as the office you are moving to. Once you are out of the first office, bring in the cleaners to give the place a thorough go-over so that you leave the office in a good condition. At the same time, hire a cleaning company to clean the new office thoroughly so that you are moving into a fresh space. You might want to ask employees to get started by cleaning out their own desks so they can be packed up, too!

  • Update everyone. Who are you going to impact by moving your office? From the suppliers you use for your business to your utilities providers, you need to update everyone on what changes are about to occur. You can update as early as possible so that your move is a smooth one.

A safe move is a well-executed one. You should plan your move to perfection and when you do, it’s going to be a safe one for all.

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