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4 Ways To Summer-Proof Your Home


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Summer is an excellent time to spend outdoors and make unforgettable memories, whether alone or with loved ones. However, one aspect often overlooked by many is summer-proofing the home. Although preparing your house for the cold season may be common, ensuring it is well-prepared for the heat is equally crucial to save on energy costs and avoid any inconvenience. Continue reading to learn how to summer-proof your home and keep your indoor space cool without emptying your wallet.

  1. Be strategic with your home design

You can incorporate passive design strategies to keep your home comfortable during the hot and humid weather. These strategies are developed by keeping the wind and sun in mind so your home faces the right direction. Other things to consider are using shade, reserving some places for trees and where to leave your water fixtures, and so on. The architect may also consider daylighting strategies to improve your energy efficiency.

  1. Flower up with indoor plants

Summer offers a great opportunity to spend some time outdoors. But if this is not the case for you, you can sprinkle a few indoor plants to enable you to enjoy some natural air. Indoor plants are beneficial in many ways, boosting your mood and well-being while bringing fresh air inside. You can place potted plants in your room corners to help improve air quality. For instance, plants like aloe Vera and lavender are great options for naturally purifying air and thrive exceptionally well inside. Palm trees, succulents, and ferns are other summer indoor plants you can incorporate to summer-proof your home.

  1. Paint your roof white

Former US Energy Secretary Steven Chu proposed this surprising yet useful hack, which has since been a significant energy-saving trick and is a great way to incorporate eco-friendliness into your home’s layout. Individually, your energy bill will likely drop when you paint your roofing white since light colors like white bounce light and heat into space instead of your attic. Additionally, if you’re concerned about the hot weather affecting your metal roofing surfaces, you can apply spray coatings to make it corrosion-resistant and improve its performance.

  1. Limit sunlight entering your home

Although natural light brightens up your space, it also makes the place warm, which can sometimes be uncomfortable. During the summer’s heat waves, keeping direct sunlight out of your home is preferable if you want to keep your home cooler. You can do a few things to achieve this, including using blinds, black curtains, and shades. You can also install window films on sun-facing windows to keep the lights out, so keep this in mind. While this cost-effective approach prevents heating, it also prevents harmful UV rays.

The summer can be exciting, but you can also go beyond enjoying the outdoors to your indoor space using the above few ways to prepare your home. You can explore more ways to summer-proof your home to beat the heat and relish your house in the best possible way.

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