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Mozilla awards Kenya’s Ushahidi $194,000

by Milicent Atieno
mozilla open source support

Mozilla, the open source and free software movement behind Firefox, a browser that touts itself as being engineered for privacy and cybersecurity, has donated a significant amount to various open source programs around the world.

Mozilla through its Open Source Support (MOSS) program recognizes, celebrates, and supports open source projects around the world. Projects that Mozilla deems support their work in improving the general health of the internet.

While Mozilla did contribute the significant amount to various “open source projects around the world, the lion’s share went to Ushahidi. An open source software platform for crowdsourcing, monitoring, visualizing, and responding to reports from people caught up in political turmoil or subject to governmental or vigilante abuse.”

Ushahidi platform makes it easier for the whistle blower to securely submit their reports while remaining anonymous. Other open source programs that received funds from Mozilla include:

Ø Webpack project, a popular JavaScript module loader that helps make the cross-browser WebAssembly format become the first-class citizen in its ecosystem. Webpack got $125,000.

Ø RiseUp, a platform used by activists across the political spectrum to coordinate their activities and communicate via secured email services. RiseUp got $100,000.

Ø Phaser, an open source HTML5 games engine got $50,000, which will go towards completing the development of their version 3.

Ø mod md, an Apache module speaking ACME, an automated certificate issuance protocol, and making it easier for websites to deploy and use HTTP security. It got $70,000.


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