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Netflix Offline available on the streaming company’s Windows 10 app

by Felix Omondi
netflix offline

Back in 2016, Netflix offline feature debut on the iOS and Android platform allowing viewers to download videos and watch them later on their mobile devices. This week, Netflix has expanded the service to include desktop Windows 10 computers.

Netflix offline is currently available on the Netflix app for the Windows 10 PC. That also means, that you just got the option of downloading as many TV shows and movies. Because chances are your PC has a bigger internal memory than the SD Card of internal ROM that comes with most tablets or smartphones.

The most interesting part is that majority of Netflix’s original series are also available for offline watching, alongside a swath of random movies cataloged by Netflix.

How do you start using Netflix Offline?

To get your movies downloaded off Netflix to watch later, you need to update the Windows 10 Netflix app. You can do so by going to the Windows Store app today and hit the update button; that is assuming it doesn’t update apps automatically. Otherwise, the Netflix app should be updated to the most recent version.

It is however not yet clear when Windows 10 Mobile and the Xbox One versions of the Netflix app will be getting the update.

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