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Online Trends 2021: VR, Video chat sites, Chatbots


In 2021, the internet hosts more than 1.83 billion websites and online services of all kinds worldwide. And the number of active users exceeds 4.8 billion people. Internet users spend a lot of time on social networks, instant messenger apps, dating sites, and other platforms.

But the modern Internet is not just for casual communication. It offers many more interesting possibilities. For example, virtual reality, anonymous video chats, and versatile chatbots, streaming videos on TV like on OME TV. It’s these three areas we’d like to look at in more depth.

Virtual reality

Many people associate VR exclusively with the entertainment sphere — computer games and watching movies or videos with a deep immersion effect. However, today the possibilities offered by virtual reality are much more extensive. VR is used in medicine, education, modeling, automotive, real estate, and so on.

For example, Volvo is already using HoloLens technology to help customers choose a vehicle configuration, and construction companies are increasingly using VR to show customers their future homes. Think of the excitement of being able to see what your new house or apartment will look like even before the first brick has been laid.

Of course, VR technologies are still far from perfect and require improvement. But looking at how much they’ve developed in just the last couple of years, we can say with confidence that the future belongs to them. 

Online video chat

When it comes to communicating on the Internet with other users, there are a lot of options — social networks, instant messengers, dating sites, themed forums, and much more. Each of these formats has a reason to exist and is relevant in its own way. But there is one category of web services that stands out from the rest — anonymous video chat sites.

Chat roulettes offer a truly unique format of communication. You just go to the site (or launch the app), make just one click, and in a second you’re communicating with a random person. This is a great opportunity to expand your social circle, go beyond the ordinary, find new friends or even your soulmate. Using anonymous video chats is not only more convenient than dating sites, but also often safer. After all, registration is usually not required, so you don’t enter any personal data. This means that people with bad intentions will not be able to obtain confidential information unless you provide it to them yourself. But that is a lesson to be aware of the rules of safe communication on the Internet.

Let’s look at some of the most interesting anonymous video chat sites that are popular right now, and which are definitely worth paying attention to for those who like this communication format.


If other video chat sites do not pamper users with functionality too much, Chatrandom is more interesting in this regard. Here, as in Omegle, search by interests is available. Plus there’s a gender filter, themed chat rooms, gay chat and even a separate chat with girls feature. Plus Chatrandom has official mobile apps for iOS and Android that make communication even easier.


Shagle offers the ability to search for chat partners by gender and location in more than 70 countries around the world. This is fewer than other video chat sites, but sufficient for most users. The Shagle developers focus on anonymity and privacy — you do not need to provide any personal information to start using the site.


There are not many settings on OmeTV, but they are all useful and work very well. You can specify the country to search in, as well as your gender so that the system selects the most suitable chat partners. And if you decide to chat with foreign users but do not know their language, OmeTV offers a useful function of automatic message translation. It works impressively well. is positioned as a youth video chat site, on which mainly people aged 20-25 communicate. According to the developers, they strive to give users maximum freedom, relieve them of peer pressure and create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone. An interesting feature of is the ability to invite a friend to the chat via a link and communicate with random people together.

CooMeet Chat

When it comes to video chat for men, CooMeet always comes first. Because CooMeet connects men exclusively with girls and is never wrong. This accuracy is due to the fact that girls must confirm their identity when registering. Therefore, there are simply no fakes, bots, advertising accounts, or problem users here.

CooMeet has mobile apps too, of course. Functionally, they are just as good as the web version, but they allow you to communicate almost anywhere and anytime. An excellent choice for those who do not want to be tied to a computer or laptop. Be sure to consider CooMeet if you want to meet nice girls, flirt or even find a soulmate.


A chatbot is a mini-program, a virtual assistant, and a chat partner. Its task is to help the user solve urgent issues. Chatbots work in instant messengers, on websites, in mobile apps, infoboxes, and so on. With the help of chatbots, you can already: 

  • transfer money to other users
  • pay for goods and services
  • book tables in a restaurant
  • buy cinema or theatre tickets
  • receive comprehensive advice
  • find out the latest news on topics of interest to you, and much more

Depending on the purpose, there are chatbots for sales, lead bots, transactional bots, information bots, assistant bots, chatbots of support services, etc. Interestingly, almost anyone can create their own chatbot — it’s surprisingly not such a difficult task.

We’re convinced that in the future the functionality of chatbots will only grow, opening up more and more possibilities for the user. But already now they make our life easier and more convenient.

The future is something we can only imagine

The Internet is developing in huge strides. What was recently science fiction has become a popular trend today. And what we can only imagine today will surely appear in the near future.

The World Wide Web opens up tremendous opportunities for us to communicate, explore the world, learn and realize our own ideas. And VR technology, chatbots, and anonymous video chat apps are just some of the tools we can use to do this. We’re sure that in the foreseeable future we’ll see a lot of interesting trends that we can’t even imagine now.

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