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“Only Murders in the Building” is On The Air; Watch It with Hulu Download Offline


Hulu is the joint venture of Walt Disney and Comcast. You can watch on-demand and live TV from more than seventy-five channels, including news, sports, and others. Use Hulu’s most demanding feature, Hulu download offline, to get any of your favorite genres on your mobile.

Hulu has ad-free subscription plans for its users. In addition to this, you will get unlimited access to the streaming library. Live news, live sports, your kids’ favorite anime show, or superhit Hulu originals everything you will get in one subscription if you are a resident of the USA or Japan.

You can watch Hulu offline not only through the Hulu app on your mobile, but you can use the Y2Mate Hulu downloader, both online and desktop, to download videos from Hulu.

“Only Murders in the Building”, a mystery with comedy series by Hulu, is currently on the air. We will review this series here and let you know how you can download this series for watching offline.

Only Murders in the Building


John Hoffman

Steve Martin


Steve Martin

Martin Short

Selena Gomez


Mabel (Selena Gomez), Oliver (Martin Short), and Charles (Steve Martin) are living in an exclusive apartment in Manhattan, New York, named Arconia apartment. They are very different from each other. Charles acted in a detective’s role on a famous TV show and Oliver is the Broadway director. Mabel is busy keeping her past hidden, and this makes her mysterious to all. But this trio has a common passion and that is a true-crime obsession. This passion brings them together for an investigation of a murder in the Arcona apartment.

Our Viewpoint:

“Only Murders in the Building” is the record-breaking comedy series on Hulu as the most-watched comedy series in Hulu’s history. This series has loads of fun with its special true-crime angle.

There are small twists in the story, for which the story maintains its good flow, like there is an illusional view about who killed Tim Kono. The story is also smart enough to keep you entertained throughout its eight episodes.

Is Hulu Download Offline Possible?

Yes, we can download Hulu for offline watch. In Hulu’s library, there are many classic movies and shows. You can watch those using your live streaming ID and a reliable internet connection. Watching live is challenging when your internet is not stable or going outside of the WiFi zone. However, with the help of the Hulu app, you can download a few movies or shows in advance and watch offline when you are facing internet trouble.

Downloading Technique from Hulu

1. Get the Hulu app on your Android or iOS device.

2. Open the app.

3. Search for the movie or show you want to watch offline. A down arrow icon will be there just beside the movie or show name. Click on it and the download starts.

4. Once the download is completed, go back to the main menu of Hulu and tap on the “Downloads” section. The downloaded videos are stored there.

5. Now, just tap on the movie or show name to start playing.

The Restrictions of Hulu Download Offline

1. You can get Hulu videos only through the app on your Android or iOS devices.

2. Only the same device can be used for downloading and offline watching. We cannot share the downloaded movies or shows.

3. You can download twenty-five videos at the max on five devices at one time from Hulu using a single account.

4. You will get 30 days to view the downloaded movies or shows as those will be deleted automatically after that time frame. Once you start to see a video, you have to finish watching it within 48 hours.

5. Both “Standard” and “High” quality videos are available within the “Video Quality” section. “Standard” is the default setting, but you will always not get good audio or video quality using this setting. If you want to download in “High” quality mode, the download speed will be slow, and it will cover more space for your device storage.

6. A lengthy buffering is always a botheration before downloading.

7. Hulu allows selected movies or shows to download. Besides the movies or shows that are available to download, you will get the down arrow icon.

You can use the Y2mate downloader software for a smooth downloading experience where the above issues will not be a problem. Please continue to read this article for more information on downloading movies or shows and how the Y2mate downloader works.

Use Y2Mate Downloader For A Non-hazardous Downloading

Our home entertainment is mostly dependent on online streaming platforms nowadays. Even while traveling, we want to watch our favorite shows or movies, but this is bothersome due to the unstable internet connection on the way. So, we need to download and make a library of our own in advance to watch while traveling or not connected to the internet. The Y2Mate downloader can help us with this. We can download unlimited videos with excellent pictures and sound quality in a very short time with less buffering time. We will discuss the Y2Mate Hulu downloader briefly here.

The Y2Mate Hulu Downloader is The Best Option of Hulu Download Offline

Hulu has a lot of good shows to fulfill your binge-watching needs. From old superhit TV shows to new-age original shows, Hulu provides all to its viewers. If you are a movie lover, you can search for the top ten movies available on Hulu, and the list will not disappoint you. Using the Y2Mate Hulu downloader, you can download all these to arrange the storage without any downloading or quality issues. The benefits of the Y2Mate Hulu downloader are exciting enough to use it as a permanent downloader software.

Useful Properties of the Y2Mate Hulu downloader

Fast Download Speed:

Y2Mate Hulu downloader gives you lightning-fast download speed so that you can download a movie or show within a few minutes.

Superior Quality of Picture and Audio:

You will get theatre experience in your home environment in terms of picture and sound. You will get a live-streaming experience while watching the downloaded video with HD and UHD picture quality. The standard picture quality of 720p, 1080p, 4k, and 8k will be there to satisfy your movie time. A good picture supported by MP4 audio and 5.1 AAC stereo soundtrack will boost your mood.

The Facility of Batch Downloading:

The Y2Mate Hulu Downloader is technologically very upgraded software. If you are watching an episode of your favorite web series, it will download the rest of the episodes for you automatically. It will download automatically if any new episode starts streaming.

Language Adjustment for Subtitle and Metadata Settings:

You will get the setting option to choose your preferred language for subtitles. Metadata information, like story title, cast, plot, etc., can be kept with your downloads as a .srt file.

Ad-free feature:

Y2Mate downloader automatically wipes out all the advertisements before downloading any videos. So, you can enjoy ad-free offline videos.

Resolved the Issue of Expiry Date:

Y2Mate Hulu Downloader resolved the issues with an expiry date. You can download and keep the video as long as you want.

Sharing with others:

Sharing facility is another great feature of the Y2Mate Hulu downloader. You can download them on a single device and spread them to other available devices.

Low-cost Subscription

If you install this software on your device, you will get a free audio conversion. For the monthly plan, you need to spend $9.9 and $99 for the yearly plan.

A free version with limited features is also available for this downloader. Please visit for more details.

Installation and Downloading of Y2Mate Hulu Downloader

Step 1: – Visit Y2Mate Downloader’s official website. Get the Y2Mate Downloader installer from there and run it on your device.

Step 2: – Start the app and go to the Y2Mate Hulu Downloader.

Step 3: – Choose the video you want to download.

Step 4: – Log in with your subscription ID and password to the Hulu account.

Step 5: – Set the language of subtitles.

Step 6: – Click on the video you want to watch. As you start to play it, the software begins to download it automatically in the background.

The process is not at all lengthy, and it is very simple also. You can install the software and download the video in a very short time without any issues.

Some Other OTTs Supported by The Y2mate Downloader

All top online streaming platforms, social media sites, and 1000+ other websites also support the Y2Mate Downloader software. You will get all the features as mentioned earlier for all the channels you have subscribed to. Some of them are listed below.

HBO Max Downloader: No worries if you missed anything from HBO Max. You will get HBO originals, shows, and movies using the Y2Mate Downloader on your device.

Netflix Downloader: The most popular OTT in the US, Netflix has a huge number of classic, new, and award-winning movies and originals in its bag. You can download and watch them offline using the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader.

Amazon Prime Downloader: The Y2Mate Downloader can download movies, shows, documentaries, or web series of your choice from Amazon Prime in unlimited number and unrestricted sharing.

Disney Plus Downloader: Download Disney Plus content using the Y2Mate Downloader and share it with your junior at home. You can search for age-group-based videos to download.

In addition to the names mentioned here, you can download them from many other websites. Please visit for further details.


Using a downloader software is familiar to us now. The Y2Mate downloader gives a lot of benefits that you are probably looking for in downloader software. We tried to provide you detailed information on this software to get a hassle-free offline watching experience.

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