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Orphaned School Children Benefit From New and Advanced Education and E-Learning Tools Supported by Superior Communications


SkyVision extends its commitment to Ghana’s Crossover Academy for underprivileged children

Orphaned School Children Benefit From New and Advanced Education and E-Learning Tools Supported by Superior Communications

SkyVision Global Networks Ltd., a leading global communications provider, today announced the recent donation of its satellite connectivity solutions to further support students at Ghana’s Crossover International Academy. SkyVision’s donation included upgrading the academy’s communications equipment with the support of VT iDirect, and providing Internet connectivity for an additional year, enabling students to access online educational programs and related e-learning tools.

In 2013, the first phase of this charitable project was initiated jointly by SkyVision and iDirect, a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology. SkyVision’sSkyDirect VSAT service based on iDirect’s platform was installed and deployed throughout the academy, delivering reliable Internet access to all students.

Located in the remote village of Tongor-Attokrokpo, Ghana, all of Crossover’s students are orphans, supported by charitable donations from around the globe. SkyVision’s extension project will provide quality satellite communications throughout the school, considered by the faculty, as a ‘lifeline’ for continued learning.

Internet provides the students with access to streaming video, social media, and email, and offers online programs such as the Khan Academy for mathematics, and PRO for reading and comprehension. The extended Internet service will enable over 250 students to enjoy the benefits of global connectivity, enjoying online programming in the classroom and the opportunity to communicate with the outside world, far removed from their remote villages.

“Without SkyVision stepping up and once again, donating a second year of Internet service, we would have been forced to shut down our e-learning programs”, comments James Conti, Co-Founder and CEO, Wings for Crossover. “Seeing the joy in the students’ faces every morning reminds us how much they appreciate this truly generous gift.”

Chad Cooper, Co-Founder, Wings for Crossover, adds, “SkyVision has enabled our students to be educated and to rise above their often difficult circumstances. As a result of SkyVision’s generosity, these children will have the chance to break the cycle of poverty through education, make better lives for themselves, and for the generations to follow.” 

“We are both proud and honored to support Crossover and the many students in need of education. It has been a pleasure to follow and be part of this important and life-changing project”, stated Tzvika Zaiffer, Director of Product Management & Marketing.

Ori Watermann, SkyVision CEO, comments, “We are committed to giving back to the global communities in which we work and education is a fundamental stepping stone towards these children’s growth and success. This project is proof of the significance and importance of satellite communications in education. SkyVision is proud to support the future in this developing nation, starting with its children, it’s most vital resource.”

About Crossover International Academy

Crossover International Academy was founded by David Yayravi. It is a school dedicated to helping children who are former slaves from the nearby fishing industry or children who have otherwise been orphaned. Crossover serves as a home, a school, and a family for children in the Lake Volta region of Ghana. Over the last couple of years, Crossover has established itself as the leading educational institutional in the region.

Wings for Crossover, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 2013 by Jim Conti and Chad Cooper, to assist the Academy with much-needed services and support. Since its founding, the organization has grown and it has successfully begun to meet the stated objectives. For more information, visit the website by clicking here.

About SkyVision

SkyVision is a global communications service provider, offering comprehensive, integrated solutions to meet all corporate, government and telco market requirements. With an emphasis on its customers’ local or regional requirements, SkyVision offers superior network connectivity solutions. Known for its innovative approach, the company offers an extensive suite of both customized solutions and industry-standard services for end-to-end IP connectivity, managed from its international gateways and selected local hubs.

SkyVision’s global-reaching network connects its customers to the Internet backbone with more than ten satellite platforms and a network of high-capacity fiber optic cables, via its gateways in Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East as well as multiple points of presence (POPs) in Africa. SkyVision currently commands a satellite and fiber network IP connectivity spanning 100 countries. The company’s C-Band and Ku-Band VSAT network solutions draw on SkyVision’s extensive space segment inventory from leading satellite providers and its capacity is carefully tailored to customers’ individual needs for optimal cost-effectiveness.

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