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Oxygen not Included: Top 6 Tips on How to Amass Fiber


Oxygen Not Included was released on Steam in 2019. While it hasn’t performed nearly as well as other survival simulation games, it has a loyal fanbase consisting of around 8,000 active players. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you should check it on Steam and check out this comprehensive guide on Oxygen Not Included tips. As you progress through the game, you’ll want to protect your colony by harvesting as much Reed Fiber as possible.

Reed Fiber is the single-most beneficial material in all of Oxygen Not Included. It’s used to craft exosuits that allow players to safely venture out into hostile environments; insulation to prevent heat transfer into your base; and receive décor bonuses (reduced stress) from Black, Portrait, and Landscape canvases.

Players will want to amass fiber mainly for insulation purposes, which you can do by harvesting Thimble Reeds or taking the scales from Plain Dreckos to the Shearing Station. Here are six helpful tips to help players collect as much fiber as possible.

1. You can farm Thimble Reeds

Reed Fiber can be harvest from Thimble Reeds, a plant that grows in the wild, in Swamp Biomes, or on farms. Domesticating Thimble Reeds is much more efficient than picking them from the wild as they take only two cycles to mature as opposed to eight cycles in the wild. Thimble Reeds grow in temperatures of between 22 and 37 degrees while consuming Oxygen, Polluted Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Water, or Polluted Water.

Players who don’t need to store huge quantities of Reed Fiber can find enough of it in the wild. However, if you want to use Reed Fiber for Insulation, it’s much more efficient to start your own Thimble Reed farm.

2. Keep Thimble Reed farms near bathrooms

As Thimble Reeds require a steady flow of Polluted Water to grow, it only makes sense to keep your Thimble Reed farm as close to bathrooms as possible. Players can siphon surplus Water resources to create a self-sustaining farm. This space-saving technique makes the growing and harvest cycles far less cumbersome.

3. Submerging Thimble Reeds is fine

Thimble Reeds can continue to grow even when fully submerged in liquid. This means players can flood their farms without worrying about putting an end to the production cycle. However, you’ll still have to irrigate the plant, so submerging Thimble Reeds doesn’t offer any significant benefits to Reed Fiber production.

4. Don’t sleep on Plain Drecko farms

Plain Dreckos produce the second raw material used to produce Reed Fiber: their scales. Make sure you don’t mistake Glossy Dreckos with Plain Dreckos. Glossy Drecko scales are used to make Plastic, which is used to make beds, turbines, tiles, pumps, sensors, and more.

Feed your Plain Dreckos Pincha Peppers, Balm Lilies, or Meal Wood every ten minutes or so. Feeding them these plants will drop their production rates by 25%. After munching on the plant food, Plain Dreckos will poop out Phosphorite, which you can turn into Fertilizer by taking it to the Fertilizer Synthesizer. Stick your Plain Dreckos in a hydrogen-rich environment to promote scale growth, which you can convert into Reed Fiber every eight cycles.

5. 3-layered vs. 2-layered Plain Drecko Farms

The most straightforward Plain Drecko Farms are made up of three layers. The first layer is Chlorine to grow Balm Lilies. The second layer contains Oxygen with the Grooming Station and the Shearing Station close by. The upper-most layer is filled with Hydrogen, which Plain Dreckos need to grow their scales. Let your Plain Dreckos grow their scales on the top layer, harvest their scales on the second layer, and let them feed on the first layer.

However, if you want to increase scale growth rates, you can eliminate the third layer altogether. Fill the second layer with Hydrogen instead of Oxygen. With a two-layer farm, your Plain Dreckos have less space to roam freely. Make sure to liquid-lock the second layer and have exosuits on hand to enter the Hydrogen-filled room and shear your Plain Dreckos safely.

6. Advantages of a hydrogen-flooded Pincha farm

Another neat trick is to create a Hydrogen-filled room and place Pincha Peppers in there. Since Pincha Peppers can grow in any atmosphere, Hydrogen will do nothing to kill the plant or stunt its growth. Plus, Plain Dreckos needs Hydrogen to grow their scales, so you’re getting twice the benefits in just one room.

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