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Russia has been hacking routers all over the world – warns US and UK security experts

by Felix Omondi
russia hackers spy

On Monday, it was reported that the UK Prime Minister Theresa May was briefed about a possible incoming cyber-attack originating from Russia. The reported attack was geared towards releasing compromising information about the lawmakers in the country.

However, it would appear that cyber-attacks from Russia are not just interested in political leverage. According to the joint press statement by the FBI, the DHS, and NCSC, cybercriminals from Russia have been on a campaign spanning months trying to compromise routers, switches, and firewalls all over the world. All in an attempt to hijack internet’s infrastructure.

The BBC reports that the attackers have been targeting millions of machines worldwide with the goal of spying on ISP customers, government agencies, and big organizations. This strategy allows the attackers to look through the data passing through the devices that have been compromised. Their goal is to use that data; they have gained access to illegally, to their advantage either politically or economically.

They also attack devices with the goal of turning them into a foundation for possible future attacks. The security experts joint statement warns that the main targets are ISPs, companies running critical infrastructures, big companies, and government departments.

Though the security experts did not disclose the names of the companies they suspected have already been compromised. They did give detailed explanations on how to know if your router and systems have been compromised.

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