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Russia successfully makes first Ebola Vaccine

by Fahad Saleem

Russia successfully makes first Ebola Vaccine

Ebola, transmitted from wild animals and taking human lives has been a major concern in the world and there has not been much development on it but now we are seeing a ray of hope as Russia successfully experiments with an Ebola Vaccine. There is not much press release evidence about that but the country’s health ministry has issued many statements telling that they have successfully created the vaccine and it will be available for clinical tests in two months’ time.

Russians have been doing experimental work on the vaccine for quite a while now and Russian Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs Olga Golodets is certain that they have found the right solution for it. He told press that the work on development and testing of vaccine is almost complete and it will be available in two months. They vaccine is named Triazoverin and it will be tested in Guinea first and the expected time for that phase is two months according to the health minister of the country.

This drug has been in use in the past for other diseases and it has successfully cured 5 forms of flu. This is expected to have an efficiency of 70-90% against Ebola and hope is that it will save human lives being taken by Ebola virus. This virus is transmitted from human to human by day to day interaction and spreads in general population. The issue was not as serious in past as it is today and this Russian development on work to cure it is certainly a positive step towards finding the solution.

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