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Saudi Arabia To Build A Bridge Over The Red Sea To Egypt

by Felix Omondi
Saudi Arabia To Build A Bridge Over The Red Sea To Egypt

Previously, there have been a couple of proposals to construct a bridge over the Red Sea linking Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The move is seen by many as a way to boost trade not just between these two countries, but Africa and Asia continent in general.

The previous estimates on the cost of building a bridge running from Saudi to Egypt over the Red Sea put the price tag somewhere between $3-4 billion. The bridge is said will be named after Saudi’s King.

Egypt enjoys a cordial relationship with Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf countries, especially after President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, took power in 2013 after the mass street protests. On top of that, Saudi Arabia regards Egypt as a close ally especially in establishing a bloc of friendly Sunni Muslim countries, against the increasing influence of Shia Muslim-led Iran.

In a statement, King Salman said, “I agreed with my brother his Excellency President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to build a bridge connecting the two countries. This historic step to connect the two continents, Africa, and Asia, is a qualitative transformation that will increase trade between the two continents to unprecedented levels.”

His counterpart, Egypt President Sisi said the construction of the bridge will be “a new chapter on the road of Arab joint action.”

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The announcement to construct a bridge linking Saudi Arabia to Egypt over the Red Sea was proposed by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman on his five days visit to Egypt. The Kind is also expected to delve into other matters that boosts trade and co-operation between the two countries.

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