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Simple Microsoft Word Hacks to make Your Life Easier

by Roveen

Microsoft Word, just like MS Excel, is one of the most important parts of our current work environment. You are unlikely to get any proper job which does not use MS Word for one thing or another, even if the work doesn’t necessarily involve writing.

Thus, as a key part of jobs today then, it is important that you learn of a few shortcuts to help you easily work through it.

1.    Delete Entire Sentences at Once

If you ever want to delete entire sentences at once, you could of course, select the sentence and paragraph maybe and delete it.

However, there is another simple hack for you. You can delete words or entire sentences quicker by holding down the CTRL key along with Backspace to speed up the deleting process.

2.   Adding Placeholder Text

If you are writing, and need to use placeholder text (Lorem ipsum), then you can add it quickly on your word document without needing to leave the document and going online.

Type in =rand (P,L) or =lorem (P,L). Then replace the letters in the brackets with numbers. The letter ‘P’ should correspond with the paragraph numbers you want while ‘L’ should be the number of lines the paragraph has.

So, for example, if you type =lorem (3,6), it will generate a placeholder text which has three paragraphs each with six lines of text.

You can use =rand for random text generation.

3.   Type Anywhere on a Page

If you work in writing or publishing, then you understand just how important writing anywhere on a page can be. But moving your cursor across the document can be tedious.

Instead, a simple shortcut involves double clicking on the spot that you want your text to appear and begin typing. This can be useful in creating tables and designing page layouts to your desires.

4.   Shortcuts

Repetitive actions on MS Word can be tedious and time consuming. However, luckily for you, there are countless shortcuts which make performing such functions a lot more straightforward. Below are some of them:

Ctrl + A: Select all contents of your document

Ctrl + C: Copy

Ctrl + V: Paste

Ctrl + s: Save

Ctrl+ X: Cut

Ctrl+N: create a new document

Ctrl+b: Bold

Ctrl+Z: Undoes the last action.

Ctrl+ F: Find

Ctrl+H: Replace

Ctrl+T: Create a hanging indent.

For more on these shortcuts (and more MS Word hacks), you can find them here.

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