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Strong Looks: Pairing the Best Rings for Men for Every Occasion


From ancient Egyptian signet rings to modern silicone wedding bands, men have long adorned their fingers with jewelry to prove either status or devotion. 

Today, there are many different rings for men that are suitable for any occasion! However, it’s not always easy to tell which ones to choose. Today, we’re diving into the perfect accessories designed to match every style or situation.

From the ultra-formal to the laidback and active, let’s take a look at how to amass a collection that will take you from day to night with ease.

Wedding Rings for Daily Wear

Of course, if you’re a married man, you’ll want to wear your wedding ring on a daily basis. There are different types of metal you can choose from when shopping for this band. A few of the most common kinds of wedding rings for men include:

Gold/white gold

Sterling silver





Stainless steel

There’s no right or wrong style, so allow your personal preferences to guide your decision. Most grooms also choose to coordinate the metal they choose with their bride’s engagement and wedding ring. 

Torn between yellow gold or a silver ring? While yellow gold is a timeless look, silver rings are even more classic and will never go out of style. Check out these silver rings for some big-day inspiration!

Rings for the Office

In addition to a wedding ring, many men will choose to wear a ring to work. This ring will normally go on your right hand. If you’re in a traditional office setting, you can choose from almost any variety, though it’s important to consider how you use your hands during the day.

For instance, if you’re constantly typing on a keyboard, a bulky ring or one with a thick band could impede your progress. In this case, it’s best to stick with a sleek, thin band. If possible, keep the ring free of any adornments so you can type as freely as possible. 

Another option is to slip on an eternity band. These are covered all the way around with tiny diamonds or gemstones. This way, you can express your style and show a little bling, but the look is still discreet and won’t get in the way of your work. 

Rings for Men in Manual Labor

Are you in the construction industry? What about plumbing, HVAC repair, or landscaping? If you use your hands to handle heavy machinery or move rough objects, there’s a good chance that your ring could become scratched or damaged during the day.

In addition, if you’re tasked with handling messy materials, such as topsoil, the debris could become wedged into any tiny grooves on your ring. In this case, it’s best to stick with a simple, smooth ring made of a durable material, such as tungsten. This dark silver metal is heavier than titanium and built to last.

It’s also resistant to scratches, dents, and bending. However, it can sometimes be too durable. If you injure your finger at work and need to remove your ring, you cannot cut a tungsten band. Instead, you’ll need to use a pair of vice grips to remove it. 

If this is a risk in your line of work, consider a titanium band instead. It’s lighter than tungsten and can be removed with power or manual ring cutters if necessary. 

Rings for a Formal Occasion

From fancy date nights and family weddings to corporate holiday parties, you’ll have plenty of occasions to flash your most elaborate men’s ring. These events are the perfect place to showcase your signet rings, class rings, and gemstone rings!

If you’re wearing a suit, consider matching the handkerchief or pocket square on your suit jacket with the color of the stone on your ring. For instance, if you’re rocking your Georgia State University ring for a classmate’s wedding, show your Bulldog pride by accenting with dark maroon accessories!

Rings For Family Events

Planning to get together with the whole brood for a family reunion? Why not pay homage to your personal history with a birthstone ring? As their name implies, these rings feature the gemstone related to your birth month, placed in a distinguished, prominent setting.

You can refer to this list to find your birthstone. From garnets in January to tanzanite in December, there’s a gem for everyone. Some months even have multiple birthstones, so choose the one that you prefer.

If you’re looking for an extra-special gift for your mom, a mother’s ring is a popular choice. This ring features the birthstones of all of her children, usually set horizontally from the oldest to the youngest.

Rings for Working Out

Born out of necessity, today’s workout-friendly rings combine comfort and style.

Many men (and women) who cannot wear a metal ring for work opt for a silicone band instead. Flexible, form-fitting, and rugged, these bands are designed to make a statement without cutting into your finger. They’ll also never ding against a surface or get caught in your clothes.

This makes them the ideal ring to wear when you’re hitting the gym! With a silicone band, you can lift weights, grip the elliptical machine, and even swim without worrying about damaging your jewelry.

Today, you can find these bands in almost every color of the rainbow. If you’re wearing it in place of a traditional wedding or engagement band, you can even personalize it with the name of your significant other, along with your wedding date. There are even men’s silicone rings with camo patterns, stripes, and other designs!

Rock Your Ring With Pride

Though often associated with women, jewelry has been a part of the male style scene since the earliest civilizations. From watches and necklaces to rings for men, you can find the perfect piece on jewelry stores.

The next time you need a touch of shine, consider sliding on one of the rings above. Understated yet stylish, they’re a great way to showcase your personality. For more information related to engagement rings do visit

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