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Tech That Can Transform iGaming


The iGaming industry is mostly based on technology and technological improvement that has a great impact on the way we play online games. The entire online gambling world revolves around cutting-edge technologies that can make or break the whole industry. At this moment the iGaming industry offers players a lot of new things to make their experience more enjoyable even from the comfort of their homes.

So there is constant competition between different operators on who can develop the best technology or a particularly big improvement that will change the game. Continue reading if you want to find out our thoughts on what tech can transform iGaming as we know it.

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The most popular types of the technology gaming industry are trying to improve and make part of their regular offer, which are already known to the general audience. These include Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, and the internet of things (IoT).

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

Content-wise, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been considered as potentially a big step in the world of gaming. With the help of VR equipment, you could enter a casino or play your favorite casino game without having to leave your living room. Because of the current Coronavirus crisis, a lot of resources have been put into improving this type of online gambling industry that allows experienced players to find, an online casino with sign up bonus and a wide variety of generous offers. But this type of iGaming can only become widely popular when the hardware behind it becomes less expensive.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or machine learning has a huge capacity for personalization. Not only that, but Artificial intelligence is able to transform intelligence in order to make the player’s journey that much enjoyable and allow the player to have a greater and more thorough understanding of the game.

Moreover, artificial intelligence will definitely work on some other issues related to the whole gambling culture. AI technology is undoubtedly one of the best technologies used for online security. Face recognition and other forms of AI are already used in almost every piece of technology nowadays. Incorporating it into the world of online gambling would make the whole gambling experience a lot safer.


Blockchain is commonly referred to as the next big thing, even if many still acknowledge crypto as something fictional and surrounded by conspiracy theories. It has a really big potential for independent banking and blockchain-based betting – thus it’s good to keep the idea alive. But for now, the experts haven’t had a chance to find a proper way to apply it to the iGaming industry.

Internet of Things

IoT is considered one of the biggest technological improvements due to the direct connection of mobile phone users with their phones and other gadgets. By paying attention to certain data sets, online platforms are able to discover more about the players’ interaction with games. With IoT linking our smartphones to land-based entities such as casinos becomes possible.

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We can certainly expect huge improvements in the iGaming industry in the next few years which will bring all sorts of new things to the already immersive world of gambling. But for now, we can only speculate what the future will bring to us and hope for the best. Right now, the technology that is considered to be the most popular due to its potential to control and reduce problem gambling is definitely artificial intelligence. The possibility to learn players’ behavior in different situations and determine what is normal for them in gambling, can be groundbreaking for the customer-operator relationship.


The already huge and over-developed online gambling industry is growing more and more every day – and it seems that it won’t stop any time soon. The diversity of game types and a range of entertainment options casinos provide, have something for anyone interested in gambling. It goes without saying that future technologies will make the whole gambling experience a lot better. However, no one can predict how the gambling experience will look in the future.

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