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The Biggest Las Vegas Casino Secrets


Las Vegas is the home of the Strip and is often referred to as ‘Sin City’. The city is the epitome of the Hollywood lifestyle that we see portrayed in films, and promises to deliver its visitors with that same movie star thrill. Over the years, some hidden secrets have emerged from within the depths of the casinos. From being watched, to sneaky Slots; here are six of the biggest Las Vegas casino secrets.

Read on to find out more.

Las Vegas is the most surveilled city in the world

Las Vegas is home to thousands of security cameras, watching your every move. Not only does this prevent cheating, as sometimes millions of dollars can change hands, but it’s also in place to keep both staff and players safe. If you’re lucky enough to win over $15,000, then you are watched even more closely by the casinos and their security.

All Slots are written in the same musical key

Slot machines are designed to keep you playing, so as you walk through the sea of out of sync theme tunes and flashing lights, you might recognise the key they are all written in – C major. Though all slot machines are chiming to the same tune, the sounds may not be harmonious, but are designed to keep you content and in the room.

Real chips can be used to draw like crayons

You’d be surprised at how many people try to forge chips. They are designed to feel completely different to money so that players aren’t afraid to be a little reckless with them, but to prevent counterfeit chips, they have a hidden image that can only be revealed when held under a blacklight. Chips can also be used to draw like crayons. Some croupiers have admitted to drawing with them when they’re bored.

Slot machines aren’t made equal

Video Slots tend to pay out less than three-reel varieties, despite being more attractive and colourful to play. You’re better off playing a classic slot machine, as these tend to offer bigger profits. Slot machines at an online casino site are always created equal though, so if you fancy playing some of the best video Slots out there, just log in and place your wager. You could even practice the table games ahead of your Las Vegas experience.

Some players don’t take toilet breaks

The invention of adult diapers has been a lifesaver for some casino players. As they sit on the edge of their seat, about to bag a win or hit a jackpot, there’s never really a convenient time for a toilet break. Extremely committed players may just let themselves go there and then, and there have even been reports of people just leaving their seats wet!

There are no clocks or windows

Casino décor is designed to keep you playing, so most casinos are windowless and have no clocks displayed on the walls. It’s also decent casino etiquette to not check your phone whilst playing at a table, so if you’re deeply engrossed, and have been committed to a long stint at a particular game, then it’s easy to completely lose track of time. Some casinos even allow you to smoke inside, or have dedicated areas inside the building to prevent you from even thinking about leaving. Our advice – always wear a watch.

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