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The First Fraud Prevention Workshop Ever In West Africa Held By VISA

The First Fraud Prevention Workshop Ever In West Africa Held By VISA

Visa cards issuers and acquirers in West Africa were for the first time given a run-down of the latest tools, information and best practices in the payments technology.

This was during a three-day workshop organized by Visa Inc., the global payment technology solution company. The workshop was held in Dakar, Senegal that saw an enormous number of attendance with 32 delegates representing 17 partner banks operating in eight different markets in West Africa attend the workshop.

Visa Business School conducted the workshop touching on key functional areas critical in identifying fraud and how to neutralize even the most advanced fraud threats within the payment industry. These areas include merchant cardholder monitoring, compliance programs, operations, data, fraud risk management, and loss control.

“This workshop is part of Visa’s commitment to share fraud prevention best practices and the latest technologies with our clients in West Africa, a region that is witnessing considerable growth in electronic payments driven by high rates of mobile penetration and adoption of new trends in the payments industry,” said Ismahill Diaby, Visa’s West Africa Manager.

The topic is very important as the region embarks on a journey to gain the needed tools to offer more payment options, provide financial services to underserved populations, and adapt to a fast-changing payments environment.”

Visa Business School was perhaps the most capable body to give training at the workshop give they have decades of expertise and practical payment experience. They have gained that experience from Visa’s presence on all continents on the globe, thus better positioned to deliver fresh insights, relevant strategies and best practices from across a broad range of payment topics.

The school is made up of Visa specialists working daily with clients in the industry, including a select group of external industry experts that offers additional insights into the most topical trends and payment techniques.

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