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The Tech Taking Commercial Cleaning to New Heights


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Technology is changing the game for businesses of all types and sizes, in every kind of industry, all over the world. There is not a single sector that has gone untouched by the raging winds of technology and many for the better. For businesses seeking to stay ahead of the game and in front of the competition, its essential that they take advantage of the most sophisticated technology available that will help them to maintain the upper hand and remain successful for years to come.

If you are in the business of commercial cleaning, you may wonder what impact technology could have on you and your industry. While it may not be as obvious, there is technology in play every time you and your staff start to clean, and there’s even more technological opportunities out there for you to tap into. There’s no shortage of commercial cleaning technology available that makes claims to change the way you work, promising to save you and time and money. But are these commercial cleaning technology trends worth the hype? We will consider a few of the commercial cleaning technological devices available today to evaluate their worthiness of them – perhaps you will find something that can take your commercial cleaning business to the next level! From behind-the-scenes platforms to frontline cleaning devices, there’s a whole new world of commercial cleaning technology waiting to be discovered!

Behind the Scenes

There is some interesting technology available to help behind the scenes at your commercial cleaning business.

QR Codes.

While QR codes themselves are not new, they are growing in popularity especially since the pandemic fuelled a push for limited contact business dealings. QR codes can be useful for your business, for your team of cleaners to access their cleaning checklists and schedules. This will help to keep everyone organised and on target. On the other hand, QR codes can be used by customers to be able to check when and how as area was last cleaned, and for potential customers to gain the contact information they need to do business with you.

Cleaning Management Software.

Cleaning management software is helping a lot of businesses right now and while it might not necessarily have the power of a trend, it’s becoming a popular must have. With the right software solution, you can help you manage site bids, track your inventory, talk to customers and your employees, monitor employees working hours, look after your schedule and conduct regular cleanliness inspections. This powerful sophisticated software can be just what you need to improve your organisation and efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence.

When you consider the commercial cleaning industry, you likely don’t think about AI. However, machine learning is finding application everywhere, in our everyday lives, from our coffee machines to our home sound systems. AI is coming into play with customer chat functions that cleaning businesses use on their websites, making a more powerful statement and improving communication with clients and potential leads.

Social Media

Social media can be a powerful tool to be used as part of the marketing strategy for a forward-thinking commercial cleaning business. With a free account, a few before/after photos and good utilization of hashtags, you can get you name and your work out there quickly and effectively.

Frontlines Technology

Besides the technology you can use in the office, there are other advancements that can be put to use in the practical cleaning that your staff completes.


Drones are growing in popularity, and the advantages are plain to see. A sturdy cleaning drone can spray water, cleaning solution or other substance to a surface at a height, allowing for safer, faster and smarter cleaning. This can have a positive effect on your staffs well-being s well as the insurance you need to more dangerous cleans.


There are cleaning robots now in use that can be programmed to complete efficient and effective floor cleaning. While they have been in sporadic use by consumers for a long time, you will notice the benefits in a commercial setting as it gives your staff the time and effort to focus on other necessary tasks and not just on vacuuming and mopping.

Electrostatic Sprayers.

Electronic sprayers boomed in popularity in 2020, and the trend continues now. They can evenly spray and disinfect an area in a quicker, more efficient way. While previously in use in other industries, such as in the distribution of pesticides to crops, the benefits to the commercial cleaning industry are becoming increasingly evident.

UV-C Disinfection.

While this form of disinfection looks flashy and is currently trending, there are questions over its effectiveness. The type of bacteria or virus will affect the length of time needed, the intensity of light required, as well as the distance between the light and the surface. However, since the pandemic, this underutilized tool has become even more popular, from light bulbs in offices to cleaning of underground handrails.

The Future of the Commercial Cleaning Industry

The commercial cleaning industry is significantly growing one, rising in popularity and usage since the COVID-19 pandemic spurred many businesses into improve levels of cleanliness and hygiene. Many busy businesses were once able to take care of the cleaning responsibilities themselves, however, now they are seeking help from a third party to achieve the high standards of cleanliness that are expected. It’s true that there are both challenges and opportunities facing the commercial cleaning industry. With the application of specialized technology, your commercial cleaning business can meet the challenges and take hold of the opportunities that await it. With some careful research and time, you can make wise decisions about the technology you will choose to invest in and apply in your cleaning methods. Consider your business goals, the expectations of your clients and the safety of your staff and you will be able to make the most effective and efficient investment in regard to commercial cleaning technology.

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