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The Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

by Milicent Atieno
The Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome is a pretty awesome browser, but with extensions, it becomes that excellent browser that you will always find it hardest to substitute. Although there are some legitimate concerns about the browser’s respect to privacy, given it is powered by Google. A company that often accused of harvesting user information to construct ‘well-articulated’ targeted ads. But other than that, most people would agree, Google Chrome browser by far is the best browser of modern days.

Below we have listed a few must-have Google Chrome extensions; that will improve your browsing experience.

The Great Suspender:The Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome browser is a memory hog; if your system is running on anything less than 4GB of RAM. The slow performance will characterize your browsing experience, and the battery will drain faster if you are on a laptop. The Great Suspender extension will pause all the unused tabs after a given period, thus saving you both RAM and power while improving loading speed on your current tabs. You can install The Great Suspender from this link.

HTTPS Everywhere:The Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

The Internet is as scary as it is good; you can find all sorts of angels and weirdo Giving things the benefits of the doubt on the Internet is not a wise move, and this extension will enable you to switch all HTTP websites to lover on the more secure HTTPS connection.


If you are the type that finds it difficult to remember all the usernames with their corresponding passwords for each and every different online account. Then, know you are not alone. A lot of people struggle to remember all the passwords, and thus they choose to use the same password for all their accounts; a very dangerous thing to do. With LastPass, you only have to remember just one master password and the extension will automatically generate all the other passwords for your various online accounts.The Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

However, I would like to point out there was a security breach on this extension earlier this summer. But users’ passwords are encrypted, so there was no real security vulnerability.

Feedly:The Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

If you like to stay updated on the latest news and happenings; Feedly is the extension you need. This extension will keep you updated with news feeds from various news sources; and only news that you want to get. It works like an RSS feeds but better.

Grammarly:The Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

This is a spell checker that could save you from those embracing spelling and grammar mistakes. If you can afford the premium package, you will even get your vocabularies improved and check on plagiarism.

UBlock Origin:The Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

Well, before you install an ad blocker, always remember there are many services you get for free on the Internet. If all of these services were to charge you some amount to access them, you probably wouldn’t be using the Internet as much. However, if you need to turn down all the ads bombarding you online, then UBlock Origin has you covered. Unlike most ad blockers, UBlock Origin doesn’t take much system’s resources to run, and will allow you to block ads from specific sites.

Honey:The Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

When you are doing your online shopping, a coupon could come in handy. That is exactly what Honey does, before making your order online; it automatically searches for coupon codes and applies them, thus saving you money.

Pocket:The Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

When you’re online, and you come across an article that picks your interest, but you do not currently have the time to go through it. You can simply ‘save it for later’ inside Pocket. This extension works across all platforms and gives you the ability to tag things that you have saved.

Giphy:The Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

GIFs like Emoji have become part and parcel of our daily chats. They make the conversation interesting and sometimes act like the icebreakers. However, finding the perfect GIF to be used at the right time can be somewhat of a daunting task unless you are using the Giphy Chrome extension. This extension will search for GIFs right out of your browser.

These are the top nine Chrome extensions you should have as we cross over to the new year 2016. They come highly rated and popularly used when you look at users’ ratings and reviews at the Chrome Web Store.

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