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The Top Features A Good Dog Bed Must Have!


Whether you’re getting a new puppy, or you already have a dog in your house, you will want to buy them a dog bed at some point.

There are so many different dog beds available, possesses over 100 different styles and colours of beds. It can sometimes be a little confusing trying to work out what is the best bed to buy for your canine housemate.

There are square ones, round one, hooded ones, mattress one, ones made of fleece, others made of tweed, the list really does go on.

What you will buy, depends to some extent on your and your dog’s personal preference, but there are some attributes that are a must regardless of what style you go for.

Let’s have a look at some of those now.

What Size Should The Dog Bed Be?

This varies on the size of the dog you have, and how they prefer to sleep, some dogs prefer to sleep curled up, whilst others prefer to stretch out.

It’s always a good idea to have different types of beds in different areas of the house so your dog can choose where they sleep.

Regardless, the bed should be big enough for your dog to sleep in, without any part of him or her being outside of the bed, and also big enough for them to turn around without falling out.

Essentially, the bed should allow your dog to lie and sleep comfortably in all their natural positions.

What Type Of Dog Bed Should You Get?

There are so many available, it can be a little confusing as to which type you should get, but again this comes down to the type of dog you have, and also their preference.

There are the traditional plastic beds with the high side, and a dip to allow the dog to enter, these are easy to clean, but have fallen out of fashion in recent years as they can be a little hard on your best friend’s skin and limbs. If you do go for one of these types, make sure you pad it with plenty of bedding.

Mattress beds are a very popular option, and are a rectangle or square shaped bed that is, quite literally, a mattress. These are great for dogs that can’t or won’t take a step into a bed, and are also excellent for dogs that like to really stretch out.

Mattress beds also come in an orthopaedic version, meaning they give a lot more support. This is really comfortable for older and arthritic dogs, as it takes the pressure off of their sore joints. Dogs that are naturally very slim, with minimal fat coverings on their skeletal system, like sighthounds will also benefit from a mattress bed as it prevents them getting pressure sores from being on the hard floor.

If you’re looking at buying a good quality calming dog bed, then you’ll want to look towards the doughnut style beds, which are circular with raised sides, and some even come with a top, making them more like a cave.

These beds tend to be very padded, and made of a very soft material which allows your dog to feel very comfortable, whilst also feeling protected with the raised sides.

Whichever bed you go for, good padding is very important.

What Material Is Best For A Dog Bed?

This slightly depends on the lifestyle of you and your canine friend. As we have said, any dog bed should have good padding.

They should also be easily washable, either the whole bed fits into the washing machine and is safe to be washed in this way, or it has a removable cover that can easily be washed.

Dogs are messy creatures, whether it’s coming in from a wet walk, or if they have been rolling in mud in the garden their beds will get messy, and will need washing!

Dogs will, at some point in their lives, probably have an accident in their bed, for a whole variety of reasons, for this reason it’s best to have a washable cover.

If you and your dog have very outdoorsy lives, and spend a lot of time exploring, then a bed that is made of a tougher material and is water resistant will last longer. Equally, a dog or puppy that chews a lot will need a bed that is chew resistant!

If you have a dog that gets hot easily, a mattress type may be better, as they can stretch out to spread body heat, and some beds are raised off of the floor, allowing air flow to go underneath and keep it cooler.

Dogs that feel the cold, such as small and hairless breeds will want a more cosy, doughnut type bed to help keep them more cosy.

Should They Have A Non-Slip Bottom?

This is a very good idea, especially if the bed is going on a carpeted floor, as the last thing you want is the bed sliding across the floor, which could be very upsetting for your dog.

This is particularly important for nervous and older, stiffer dogs. If your dog has already got joint pain, it could be more painful for him to step into a bed that slides.

And Lastly…

Where should you place the bed? Well, this again depends on your dog’s preferences. Some dogs prefer to be at the centre of the household, so they can see all the comings and goings, whilst others prefer a much quieter area so they can sleep soundly.

Even if your dog prefers to be in busy areas, it’s best to keep the bed away from very high traffic areas, as they may not be able to completely rest if people are walking past all the time.

Also, keep beds out of any draughts, dogs hate sleeping in them as much as we do.

It’s worth having different types of beds in different areas and on different levels of your home, so that your dog can choose where they feel the most comfortable.

Photo by Chewy on Unsplash

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