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The top ‘Made for Samsung’ app you can get from Samsung Galaxy Apps store

by Felix Omondi
samsung galaxy apps

Samsung is probably the biggest maker of smartphones in the world; it most certainly leads in the shipment of Android devices. The recent Samsung Galaxy S9 boasting of cutting-edge technology, superb cameras, and one of the most powerful chip yet in the industry. Though the S9 comes at a very premium price, you can always opt for the previous generation of Samsung flagship devices, which still offer top-notch performance at a more manageable prices.

However, other than the obvious advantage of owning a Samsung smartphone, you also get access to an apps store exclusively ‘Made for Samsung.’ When you buy any Android device, it is recommended you get your apps from the Google Play Store, but there are many other alternative apps store available. And Galaxy Apps store contains app tailored to your Galaxy device.

It is certainly worth logging into the Galaxy Apps store every now and then to get apps particularly designed to run on your Samsung device. With the popularity of Samsung, there are many developers who dedicate their time to this market niche, and often give bonus content or discounts to users of Galaxy devices.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best deal you can get by downloading apps from the Galaxy Apps store.

Kindle for Samsung: Kindle, probably the most popular e-reading service in the world with over 1.5 million books. The Kindle for Samsung app offers you a little bit extra from the version you get from Play Store. First, it is optimized for Galaxy devices and secondly it gives you a free e-book every month for one year; now that’s a deal enough to sway you away from the Play Store go Galaxy Apps store. However, the Kindle for Samsung has been criticized of not syncing well with the Kindle app from Play Store. So you should stick to just using one of either.

Google Play Music: Not that there is an exclusive Play Music app for Galaxy devices, but Samsung has entered an exclusive deal with the Play Music fraternity that will see Galaxy owners upload 100,000 songs. The normal package for ordinary Play Music users is 50,000 songs.

ABCMouse for Samsung: Technology has made learning accessible easily and if you have kids, you can help them with their A,B,C… using the Galaxy Apps store version of the ABCMouse.

Scribd for Samsung: If you have a history of reading then you probably know just how inexpensive reading has become these days especially now that we no longer need to buy hardcopy books. E-book services like Scribd gives you access to a certain number of e-books, audiobooks, magazines, and sheet music at a monthly fee of just $9. Though it is limited access, the likelihood you will exhaust your monthly quota is minimal.

Workout Trainer for Samsung: Never before in the history of humans has there been a time we have been obsessed about keeping our bodies in shape as we are today. It could be for health benefits or simply to get that beach body. Well, Workout Trainer for Samsung gives you 100 multi-week training programs, weekly Pro-only workouts, advanced heart rate analysis, and Pro-only forums. The app comes with free three months full version access, after which the users can subscribe at $7 per month or $60 per year.

The Weather Channel for Samsung: This weather app has been tailor-made to work with Samsung devices and offers features such as the smart alarm clock that will wake you earlier should your commute day appear likely to be interfered with changes in weather. It also has an exclusive Edge Panel for Samsung Edge devices. It also has a beta feature that enables the app sync the weather update into your calendar.

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