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The Ultimate Solution to Convert DVD to Digital Video | WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

by Felix Omondi
The Ultimate Solution to Convert DVD to Digital Video | WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

One of our readers approached us yesterday over this article here, in which we discussed the best speed for burning data to a DVD. The article picked her interest, given she was already searching for how to rip a DVD to hard drive. Perhaps she was looking for the best tool to convert her DVD to MP4 files. And as you know, we innov8tiv, like to keep you, our readers, well informed.

Let us for a moment, imagine the probabilities of you needing to burn data to a DVD versus you needing to convert a DVD to digital format. My money would be on the latter, and here is why; we probably have tens or even hundreds of DVDs lying around the house. Most of which are from the yesteryears when movies and series used to come in DVD disks.

Back then, a DVD used to feel like a major upgrade from the VHS tape cassettes. These days, with the cost of internet in most regions dropping as speeds increase. It is more convenient to simply stream stuff off the internet, especially entertainment multimedia such as movies and music. DVD will become obsolete if they are not already, and that is followed by the reducing number of DVD players productions and shipment.

You only need to look at the declining number of modern computers, which come with no DVD ROMs. Any data entering or leaving the computers is either through the USB ports or digitally via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet cable.

If you still have your data on DVD, you might soon find yourself with no way to use that data. Modern computers have no DVD ROMs, and DVD players are being swapped for smart-TVs and smart home theatres with the ability to stream multimedia from the internet.

It is safe to say that we are in the sunset years of DVDs as a digital storage platform, and you should not wait until the last nail is driven into that coffin to try and backup your DVDs

The best tool for turning your DVD to digital format (ripping the disk)

Following our reader’s inquiries, innov8tiv released out cyber-bots editors searching through the internet for the best tool for ripping a DVD. While there is the option of copying files off the DVD and pasting them on your hard drive, that function will not work on copy-protected DVDs.

And these are probably the DVDs that came with those old-school movies and songs you wouldn’t want to lose. They might also not be available online for streaming or downloads. So the best way would be to rip through the DVD to extract them.

While the internet has a plethora of tools for ripping DVDs, few actually deliver what they say they do. Based on our research – third party reviews and users feedbacks – we can say WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is up to the task. Its developer is now offering the 7-day free trial with which you can experience all the product features without spending a dime.The Ultimate Solution to Convert DVD to Digital Video | WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum VS Disk to Digital Service

Speaking of extracting videos from the DVD disks, some people may turn to online disk to digital service for help. This solution may look quite easy but it does have lots of drawbacks as follow.

Some simply couldn’t digitize all the DVDs. They were only converting the DVDs that were in their library.

We had three of our editors test the batch of disk to digital services we had narrowed down to. Two of our editors, one in Kenya and the other one in Pakistan could not use some of these software. Yet our editor in the US was able to use all, which means some of these services cannot rip region-locked DVDs. Thus were not working in regions outside the US.

Others were only able to rip commercial DVDs, but not home-made DVDs.

Some were able to stream the DVD video to your devices but gave you limited control over the files. For instance, you cannot edit the videos or save them to your hard drive.

Others were not able to support a change of language and subtitle.The Ultimate Solution to Convert DVD to Digital Video | WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

The ultimate DVD to MP4 ripping solution

In our sampling of top ripping tools on the internet, we were impressed by WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. That is because it hit the high scores where it counts the most:

It can rip from all new and old, commercial or homemade DVDs, and there is no region lock.

With GPU acceleration support of up to 32x real-time conversion speed. You can rip a two-hour-long DVD to hard disk under just five minutes.

After ripping, you can convert the DVD to all video formats including MP4, WMV, AVC, ISO, AVI, MPEG, and H.264. Format supported by computers, iPhone, iPad, Android, and PSP player.

With its built-in video editor, you can edit, cut, and trim the DVD

But don’t take my word for it, head on to the official WinX DVD Ripper Platinum site and download the tool. On your first usage, you get a free 7-Days Full Feature trial. You can also get a 56% lifetime discount on the license by purchasing the DVD ripper through this link.

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