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Three Popular Apps With Three Big Lessons For Small Businesses

by Felix Omondi

Three Popular Apps With Three Big Lessons For Small Businesses

Three Popular Apps With Three Big Lessons For Small BusinessesApple famous catch phrase “there’s an app for that” is only getting truer as the years go by. This can be attested to with the over 1.4 million apps on Google Play and over 1.3 million apps on Apple’s App Store. The evolution of phones from just a simple task of calling and texting, into smartphones that are essentially mini-computers with a plethora of capabilities, has changed the way we do business.

Smartphones have ushered in the mobile-age and are redefining how people consume digital content. They are, without a doubt, very resourceful tools for business, whether small or big.

However, not all small businesses can afford the cost of developing a smart and effective app. Nonetheless there are some few branding tactics small businesses could borrow from some of the popular apps.

The following list showcases three popular apps, with three big lessons that small businesses can learn:


Launched back in 2009, Uber is a taxi-ride sharing service; but instead of passengers standing outside hailing a cab. They simply use a mobile app to ‘order’ for their taxi. Uber has spread to more than 200 cities in more than 40 countries around the world and is now worth more than $18 billion.

Lesson to be learned: Creativity wins customers. Uber has revolutionized an industry that has been doing with inefficiency for a long-time and brought in a very innovative product to the market. This is a strong hint to small businesses, to re-examine their industry and look for new ways of doing business. Innovative products appeal better to customers as it satisfies unmet needs.


This app is so simple, it can easily be passed-off for being silly. What it does, is basically send out the text “Yo” to your contacts on your smartphone. Stats show that it has been used to send more than 100 million messages throughout the world, ever since it was launched last spring.

Lesson to be learned: Simplicity can go a long way in communication. With all the advance communication tools at small businesses disposal, it can be so easy to overwhelm your customers with layers upon layers of messages. But with branding, the best way to effectively communicate your brand is by using one sentence or just a single word. What would it be for your business? If you can answer this, be consistent on it through all your branding endeavors.


Tinder has taken online dating a notch higher with its mobile app. Unlike most online platform where users are required to fill out long profiles and life stories, Tinder has removed all these lengthy procedures and simplified how love birds meet online. Tinder now has 10 million users across the globe.

Lesson to be learned: Customization and Availability scores big with customers. Compared to big businesses, small businesses have the advantage of being able to offer customized and personalized services to customers. People trust people more than they trust products and brands, and if your business can offer customers personalized services, customers will appreciate more. Take a script from Tinder’s book and avail your services in a simple way to your customers.

All the above apps have employed an innovative approach in filling up a gap in the consumer market. The means they’ve employed are simple and affordable enough for any small business to apply; sometimes it not about how much capital a business has, but about how innovative they can be with the little they already have.

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